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"Welcome to the bad-ass club." Septum Experience

Prior to getting my septum pierced, I didn't have a whole lot experiences getting pierced. I had my ears gunned when I was 4. I discovered bmezine at age 13 and decided to stretch my lobes. I got down to 2g before my dad noticed and made me take them out! My last piercing was a transverse lobe piercing done not long after I turned 18.

A few weeks after removing the transverse lobe piercing because the skin seemed to be thinning, my friend had sent me a text message asking me if I wanted to go to a local tattoo shop (where she and I had gone for our other piercings) to get industrials together. I had been wanting another piercing but I wasn't quite sure what I would get. I told her that I didn't really like industrials as much as I used to, so I started looking around bmezine for an idea of what else I could get.

I found some pictures of double high nostril piercings that I loved, but I needed something less visible because my parents would not like it and my restaurant job would definitely have a fit. Since I was already looking at the nose section, I clicked on septum to check it out. When I was reading the stories I found that it is a piercing that is very easily hidden if you need to and can be very visible when you want to show it off. Perfect for me.

I texted my friend back telling her that we should go to World of Body Works instead of our old place because I had gone there to get my jewelry changed once and I was very impressed with the cleanliness and atmosphere of it. She agreed on it and we decided to go the next day.

Upon arrival we went up to the counter and told the guy we wanted some piercings. He asked to see our Ids and made copies of them. We were then asked to fill out a form that asked if we were pregnant or nursing, ill, or had a history of seizures, etc. There was a little bit of writing at the bottom that I was reading before I signed and the guy said I was the only person he saw who ever actually read it before signing. My friend asked the guy how much each of our piercings would hurt. She had decided on the industrial, which he said would hurt a little more than her eyebrow piercing. He told me that my septum piercing would be one of the more painful ones, which I didn't really believe, after reading the stories online. But just incase, I thought, pain doesn't really bother me that much. To an extent, I kind of like it.

My friend went in first and I waited in the waiting room for about 25 minutes. Then she came out and the guy told me to go back to the first room on the right. I knew where to go since I had gone there to get my jewelry changed, and when I walked in, it was the same girl who had changed my jewelry. She never told me her name, but I think I heard one of the tattoo artists call her Miriam. I was glad it was her because I was really impressed when she had changed her gloves more than once when changing my jewelry on a piercing that was over 5 months old.

I sat down on the dentist-looking chair and she pulled out all kinds of sanitary packaged things, showing me that they were sealed and the little arrow on top was brown. She told me to watch out for pink arrows at any place I might go to because that means that they aren't clean and I could get Hepatitis. The guy from behind the counter walked in and she told me that he was coming in to watch because he was learning to be a piercer.

She checked my nose for blood vessels with a really tiny LED flashlight. Then so put this red bloody-looking stuff in my nose to clean it and then wiped it off with an alcohol wipe, which made the inside of my nose burn a bit. She stuck a circular barbell into my nose just to show me how it would look, and then took a toothpick dipped in ink and marked the spot. Another guy who worked there happened to be walking through the hall and he stopped so we could get a 3rd opinion on if it was centered properly. They then decided that my nostrils are crooked. Oh, joy.

Anyway, the piercer put the clamp on and told me that if I could stand the clamp, the piercing would be the easy part. I didn't think that clamp hurt at all. She asked me to keep my head straight and she pulled on the clamp. She and the apprentice guy got right in my face so they both could see and she asked me to breathe in and out several times. On the third breath in, she stuck me right through my septum and it actually did sting quite a bit so I closed my eyes. Apparently, the outside of my nostril on the other side was in the way of the needle going the other way out so she asked the apprentice to lift my nostril while she pushed the needle through some more. That part stung the most. She corked the needle and let the apprentice slide the jewelry in. It went in fine. "Welcome to the bad-ass club," he told me.

He started to show me how to flip it up, when he realized that my nose is really small and it would be hard to do. He didn't want to hurt me so he didn't flip it up.

I walked back out into the waiting room and was surprised to see that my boyfriend had showed up to check it out. He was afraid that he wouldn't like it, and when I came out he said, "I thought you were going to get a small one!!?" I told him that I could change it later, but if he doesn't like it I'll just flip it up when I'm around him. That doesn't bother me at all.

Later that night I tried to flip it up myself and found that it wasn't too difficult. I went home with it flipped up so no one would notice and no one did! I slept with it down because I didn't want it to heal funny, but when I tried to flip it up in the morning it was difficult because my nose had swollen a little bit. I got it in after putting a bunch of sea salt solution on it.

To do the sea salt soaks I just soak some q-tips really well in the solution and stick them up my nose for 10 minutes! I might try blowing bubbles in water later, but this way seems a lot easier to me!


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 30 Oct. 2008
in Nose Piercing

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Artist: She+never+told+me+her+name.
Studio: World+of+Body+Works
Location: Lafayette%2C+Louisiana

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