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Offended Into Action

Offended into Action: My Septum Piercing

Since I was quite young, I have felt the need to stand out and be different. To me, fitting in was extremely unappealing, and as I grew older, piercings revealed themselves as a beautiful way to identify myself as an individual. I turned eighteen in March of last year, and was psyched to finally be old enough to get poked without parental permission. Unfortunately, this was a large issue with me, considering my parents are rather hesitant of change, and I still live at home.

As the months passed by, I fretted about which piercing I wanted. Oddly enough, my old hair stylist had her septum pierced, and I could not get over how amazing it looked. It was completely unique, at the time I had never seen anyone else with this nifty piercing. After discovering BME over the summer, I investigated the matter more, and found that the septum piercing was perfect for me. It was different without being overbearing, cute, and best of all, easy to hide. I suggested the piercing to my parents a couple times, and they both frowned heavily upon it, calling it such derogatory names as "discussing" and "revolting". My boyfriend of a year and a half was the same way, he said it would "ruin my face", that it was "ugly".

This offended me to the point of action, so in late August, I rode my bike half an hour away to one of our local piercing parlors, taking action into my own hands. When I suggested to the man behind the counter that I was interested in a septum piercing, he immediately led me into the back of the shop, and set me up in a dental-esque chair. After making sure I was comfortable (and taking my thirty-five bucks), we chose a piece of jewelry (a surgical steel horseshoe ring, 16 gauge), and he began to prepare the materials. He tried to calm me down with some small talk, I recall him being amazed that I came for my first piercing (apart from shopping mall done earlobes) all by myself. I remember telling him that no one really wanted me to get pierced, and he replied by instructing me to tell em to screw off. It was my decision, and if I thought the septum looked beautiful, then that's all that matters.

Then it was time to get down to business. He clamped my nose, which I will admit, hurt more than the needle itself. Then he did the tricky kindergarten counting gimmick. "I'll put it through on the count of three. One, TWO (needle goes through), three." I was rather surprised that the actual piercing didn't hurt more, according to most piercers, septums are some of the most painful facial piercings. I suppose it just agreed with me. As my piercer readied the jewelry, he let me look at my nose with the needle sticking through it in a mirror. Oddly enough, this is my fondest memory of the whole experience. That was the moment that it really clicked for me. I was finally on my way to becoming the person that I wanted to be. Twelve piercings and a tattoo later, I'd say I'm nearly there.

To wrap up the rest of the story, he threaded the jewelry in, which didn't hurt much at all, and instructed me on the proper aftercare. The daily salt soaks that he prescribed were not as cumbersome as I first expected. He also walked me through flipping the jewelry up, since I told him that would be an issue with my parents. I ended up keeping the jewelry flipped up for most of the healing process; it was really a piece of cake. In fact, it was nearly nine months until my parents learned of my septum piercing, quite a feat, considering I live at home! But as I said, the healing went very well. After about three months, I gauged the hole up to a cute, black 14 gauge horseshoe (which was practically invisible when flipped up). I stuck with this for about another three months until I found an adorable 8 gauge horseshoe that was black with little black spikes. It took about a month to get my 14 to a 10, and another month to get it to an 8. Apparently my nose is rather stretchy,
I had barely any discomfort and pain during the stretching process.

All and all, my septum is still my absolute favorite piercing, and despite what everyone told me, it looks absolutely stunning over a year later. Now its up to a eight gauge, and it still looks banging. I'm actually looking towards getting a set of nostril piercings to match! My word to anyone who is looking to get into the piercing scene with a septum; go for it!


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 30 Oct. 2008
in Nose Piercing

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