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Of course I'll get a cold three days after piercing my septum.

I should stop saying that I won't do something, or am not a big fan of it, or whatever. Because inevitably, about five minutes after I say, "Eh, not for me," I decide that it sounds like a really good idea. That's been the case for my lip piercing, my nostril piercing, and my stretched lobes, and, most recently, my septum.

I have, and here it comes, never been a huge fan of septum piercings. That whole ring-through-the-nose thing just didn't do it for me -- I liked it all right on other people, but it was one of those things I was never intending to do myself. However, I met someone with a stretched septum, which I pretty much thought was the coolest thing ever. So of course I went home and looked into it on BMEzine and thought, damn, that's really awesome. I was considering doing it, but there was no real timeframe for when it would be done.

It's worth noting that I'm an incredibly contrary person. Several weeks ago, I had a job interview in which the woman who interviewed me said, in dismay, "Oh, I didn't realize you had facial piercings," and proceeded to tell me how really, she wanted to hire me, she just couldn't bring herself to do it because she finds facial piercings so repulsive. In fact, she told me that she could barely bring herself to look at me, and did indeed spend our entire ten minutes together alternating between staring at the floor and staring at the ring in my lip. Awkward. Being me, I was angry and frustrated, and within a week, decided that fuck it, I was piercing my septum.

I have gotten all of my piercings (except my lobes, done when I was 8 at the Claire's in Southgate Mall) done at Strange City, so it was pretty obvious where I'd be heading for this one. I did the usual filling out of forms, giving Corby my I.D., and just generally insuring that I was all okay to be pierced. She prepped the room, and we headed back to do the piercing.

She asked me if I was excited or nervous -- I wasn't, which is strange, I'm usually a mix of the two for any piercing, but I was really calm about this one. Couldn't be any worse than my nostril, and I just wanted to stretch it, I wasn't even remotely excited about the process of piercing and the 14ga retainer I'd chosen. After all, I still wasn't a big fan of septum piercings in general, so I wanted something invisible. Plus, I was starting a new job in a week, and although they'd hired me despite the piercings I had so far, I didn't want to push my luck. Invisible was good.

The most awkward part of the piercing was the sheer number of things she had to stick in my nose. Various implements for cleaning, a marker to mark the spot to pierce, two wooden sticks to see if it was straight. It's one of the few piercings I've done sitting up and facing the piercist, which was strange. Finally we were ready to do the actual piercing. Looking cross-eyed at someone pressing a needle against my nose is definitely one of the weirder things in my life.

I wouldn't say that it was painful. It was more a sharp pressure and then it was done -- more acutely intense than actually hurty. It took a little while to get the jewelry to go in, a 14ga niobium retainer (I'd had the choice between silver at 16ga or niobium at 14ga -- since I'm intending to stretch, I went with the larger size), probably because I have a rather small nose. Then it was done and she invited me to look in the mirror. Predictably, I hated it. (That said, Corby did an awesome job piercing it. Despite having gone to Strange City for years and years, and that Corby's been there for I think about nine or ten months now, I'd never had a piercing done by her before. She was great. Thanks, Corby, you rock.) I still don't like the way retainers look hanging down, so I went, washed my hands, and tucked it up, where I intended for it to stay until it healed enough that I could buy a new 12ga retainer, which I would also wear tucked up.

This was not to the be the case. A few days later, I had a cold. Complete with a running nose that had to be blown every five minutes. Predictably, with a barely-healed piercing, that was incredibly painful. Not only did the process itself hurt, but the retainer would stab the inside of my nose and it was just awful and horribly uncomfortable. And I still hated the retainer down. I stuck with it for as long as I could -- after all, for a few days I was so sick I couldn't get out of bed, much less do anything else. I thought about taking the piercing out and redoing it when I was feeling better, but I was determined. The cold would go away.

After four days of being sick, I couldn't take it anymore. I'd started my new job, and probably half the staff was modified in some way. Most of them are, you know, sixteen-year-old girls, so more piercings than tattoos, but two of my co-worked had septum rings. I finished my shift and walked to Strange City, a few blocks away, where I whined at Ryan that my nose hurt, and yes it had only been a week since I'd gotten pierced, but please could I change the jewelry to something that wouldn't stab me.

We decided on a 14ga captive ball ring -- I wanted something I could take out easily on my own, as I was expecting to switch back to the retainer as soon as nose healed enough to do so. We headed back, and he got me to lie back on the bench/chair/thing. Taking the jewelry out wasn't too horrible -- however, my nose being as irritated and sore as it was, both from the piercing and from constant nose-blowing, putting the new jewelry in ranks right up there on the list of really painful things I've done. Even worse than actually putting the ring in was putting the ball on it. I don't know why, but it was excruciatingly painful, and I'm pretty sure I whimpered and squirmed and was just generally really, really pathetic. Ryan apologized multiply times and felt very sorry for my pain.

But then I was done, and I looked in the mirror, and -- oh my god, it was perfect. I absolutely loved the CBR. A week later, I am not intending to take it out. I think it's totally cute, I love the little ring in my nose. It's quite small, so it rests against the bottom of my septum, and I absolutely adore it. I love looking in the mirror and seeing my septum ring. I still have a touch of a cold and have to blow my nose fairly often, but I'm not getting stabbed anymore, which is amazing. I'm still planning to stretch, but I really adore the way the CBR looks, so I may stick with those for a while. My nose doesn't even hurt anymore, except for sometimes when I blow my nose the ring rotates and it hurts to try and move it back -- I have to take a shower or stick my face in a bowl of saltwater before it'll go easily to where it's supposed to be, with the ball in the centre instead of up one of my nostrils.

Over all, I'm really, really happy with my newest piercing. The staff at Strange City have ensured another awesome experience, and I'm totally grateful.

The next thing I wasn't going to do that I'm currently planning on doing? I'm hoping to get my nipples pierced in January. So excited!


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 30 Oct. 2008
in Nose Piercing

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Artist: Corby
Studio: Strange+City
Location: Edmonton%2C+AB

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