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Must Pierce Nose Now!

So, I had never really been a fan of nose piercings. It looks good on some people, but not everyone. Then, one day I woke up and needed to pierce mine. Right away. It was the weirdest thing. So, I asked around at work to see if anyone wanted to make an outing of it and my good friend Jenn came with me.

I tried to go to my old standby piercing place, Body Works Productions in Cleveland, but apparently they had closed down three years earlier. Luckily, I found one of the piercers at a new place in North Olmsted, about fifteen to twenty minutes from the other place. It worked out great, because it was even closer to where I live. I called Jenn and we met up for dinner, and then drove up to Body Anthology. Can't get pierced on an empty stomach!

We walked in and it was pretty empty, being a Tuesday night and all. Not too many people get pierced at 8pm on weekdays, I guess. Nate Sexstella greeted us and was very friendly and answered all our questions. I picked out my jewelry, a small stud with a white sparkly and tried to calm down. I knew I wanted to get the piercing, but my adrenaline started going and I got all giddy and ridiculous. Nate cleaned the area, changed his gloves at least a half dozen times, and got me ready for the actual piercing. Everything was in its own packaging and I was very impressed at the cleanliness and professionalism, otherwise I would have left. Life's too short for bad piercings!

Nate explained how I would more than likely cry because of how close the piercing is to my eyes, and I did. Kind of embarrassing, but totally worth it! Probably the weirdest part was the goo up the nose to cleanse it before the piercing. Medicine smelling and a little burning, but nothing intolerable.

The piercing wasn't as bad as I had built it up to be. It pinched, and I kept my eyes closed the entire time. A few expletives were uttered, but that is just how I deal with things. He put the cork on the bottom and I just tried not to bump it with my lips as I was cussing and talking to my friend. He got the jewelry in and I am so happy with it! It looks like I've always had it. It definitely belongs there.

Nate gave me the aftercare instructions, some sea salt, and I would be happy to let him pierce me again in the future. Actually, the very soon future. It is very addicting!

All in all, it probably took a little over an hour for four piercings between the two of us. I like that he took his time and I never felt rushed. A group came in shortly after we did, and he gave them a time later to come back. It was nice that he didn't rush through us in case the other group wasn't going to come back.

I've only had it for two days now, and it barely hurts at all, even when I forget about it and accidentally bump it. I thought it would be sore longer. It was pretty sore the first day and night, but that was really it. I only really feel it when I flare my nostrils. Feels kind of weird.

My parents saw it and they are the type of parents who swore they would've kicked me out of the house if I got any tattoos or piercings. My mom actually made me take out my cartilage piercing once. When my parents saw it, they actually like it. Kind of anticlimactic! Everyone who has seen it has loved it and has said it looks so natural on me. I am so incredibly happy that I got it done.

The only thing I would say to someone considering getting it done, make sure you aren't sick. Blowing your nose for the first time is interesting, to say the least. If you are sick and congested, it will be a long couple of days of trying to figure out how to blow your nose without hurting yourself! It takes some getting used to. And sneezing for the first time can be kind of terrifying when that first one sneaks up on you, but after, I found I had nothing to be scared of. Also, after getting out of the shower, when I was drying my face, it got caught on the towel a little and came out some. I just pushed it back into place, but you have to be careful. Especially since after a day or two, you will almost forget about it, since it isn't sore anymore.

Happy piercing!


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 30 Oct. 2008
in Nose Piercing

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Artist: Nate+Sexstella
Studio: Body+Anthology
Location: North+Olmsted%2C+OH

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