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I'm bored, I guess I'll stretch my septum

My parents never let me stretch my ears when I was a kid, so I have never stretched any piercing until yesterday. I had my septum pierced when I was sixteen, but sadly that was a short lived piercing. I got it pierced again about a month or two ago at a 14 gauge and just let the retainer chill there until I got more cash or an Idea of what I wanted to do with it. The other day when I went to Infinite Body Piercing to take care of some business, I was looking at their jewelry and got some inspiration when I saw the septum spikes. I've been wanting to get one, or just stretch my septum in general. I've always loved the look of spikes. I thought to myself, hmm I could just make one and use it to stretch my nose. It killed two birds with one stone, I'd stretch the hole and look badass at the same time. I resisted my urge to just buy one there because I'm mad poor, and thought about how rewarding it would be if I made it myself.

So I searched my room for a piece of plastic that was thick enough for me to carve out the right shape. I tried carving a spike out of a glow stick but that failed. Eventually I found a pen that had a sunglasses shape molded on top with extra plastic, if that makes any sense at all. So I went to work at it with an exacto knife, and patience. The first attempt I realized it was way to big in the center for starting at 14g, so I started over and made a smaller diameter one.

The finished product is about an inch and a half long. I didn't get curious about the gauge of the spike until after it was already in my nose so my best guess is somewhere between 10g and 8g. I just eyeballed the diameter while I was carving it and didn't take care to measuring to the next size up or anything. I bent it slightly in the middle at the point i figured would be in the actual hole. Several people had been in and out of my room while I was carving it, so the actual stretching process was much anticipated by many people. Although many didn't know if they actually wanted to see it.

I went into the bathroom and a friend was in there and I told him what I was about to do. His reaction was hard to read but I think he thought it was cool. I was cautious about the retainer falling out because the last time I had my septum pierced it closed so fast, but that was at 16g and it was after about a week. I washed my hands really well, then I washed the spike itself. After I rinsed it off I put hand soap on the spike in an attempt to lubricate it which I'm sure did nothing but make me feel better. So I tried to slide the spike through while sliding the retainer out. This failed since I couldn't find the hole because both my hands were occupied. One was holding the retainer, the other holding the spike. About thirty seconds after I was like fuck what now, the retainer fell out anyway. I was saying to myself oh shit oh shit and stuck my pointer fingers in my nostrils to feel out the hole. I found it easily and started pushing the spike through. I'll just be honest, i t hurt a lot. the resistance was about what I expected, but eventually I was pushing and felt pain, but I didn't know if the spike was moving at all. It seemed to come to a dead stop. I had the spike about half way through when I realized this is gonna suck way more in a couple seconds. I looked at my friend who was still standing next to me almost mesmerized, and he asked if it hurt. I told him yes but didn't elaborate much because I was focused. I put more hand soap on the spike because I figured it can't really hurt. I walked back into my room and sat on my bed. There were about 4 people in there and they were all horrified by the site of this spike halfway through my nose. None of them had ever heard of stretching a septum piercing before. I started pushing it through in front of them and everyone instantly covered their eyes and yelled at me to get out. So i went into the bathroom again and I started inhaling deep, and pushing the spike on the exhale. I had to push a l ot harder than before, but the breathing helped me not focus on the pain. This worked and eventually it was through.

I'd say the actual stretching took me about 5 minutes. I didn't really know what to expect but I had a good idea. I'm pretty sure I stretched it a little too big for one sitting but whatever it's done now and it's awesome. When I finished I looked in the mirror and got this rush and yelled "Fuck yeah!!!" I took my saline spray and just sprayed it up each nostril since I realized that I went a lot bigger than I thought it was gonna be and I probably opened the skin.I'm really happy with it, and I want to go a lot bigger.


submitted by: JDro
on: 30 Oct. 2008
in Nose Piercing

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Artist: Me
Studio: dorm+bathroom
Location: Philadelphia

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