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A word of caution to those switching to a ring too early...

Ever since I had turned 18, I knew I was going to be getting a lot of piercings. I had already had 5 done previously and I felt it was time to add another. I only had my septum in my face, and I had always wanted a ring in my nose. So I thought that getting my nostril pierced would make a good addition. I decided to wait until a Thursday (Evolved has buy 1, get 1 Thursdays) so I could get another piercing for free, even if I ended up taking it out anyways.

So I went with my friend, and we both decided we were going to get our nostrils. I ended up choosing to get my right side (along with a free smiley piercing I ended up taking out 2 days later because it was annoying). My friend and I both headed back to the piercing room with Lindsay, where she began explaining to us the brief process. I wasn't nervous, and I knew it would end up being a breeze cause it was just a simple nostril and it couldn't have felt worse than my sternum did. The piercing went smoothly, and it looked great and I was happy with my new addition. However, I was pierced with a 16g stud. I knew that I wouldn't be pierced with a ring, but I still wanted to end up with one.

After a few weeks I could tug it and move it all around and I felt no pain at all. It had only been a little over a month and I knew it probably wasn't fully healed, but it didn't hurt me at all, so I thought I could probably change it to a ring no problem. I was sitting with my friend who had a few different rings for her nose, and I decided to just try one of hers on to see what diameter I should order for my ring. After taking out my stud, I got in one of the bigger diameter rings with ease (it was the kind with a flat backing and didn't make a full circle). I realized that that size was too big for my nose, so I tried on her smaller diameter. Well, getting that one in wasn't so easy. I tried and tried and could not manage to get it in my nose. Fearing that it had been taking too long and my hole had closed up, I tried putting my stud back in. I couldn't get that back either, so I started panicking. It took about an hour, but I finally got SOMETHING in my nose, and it ende d up being the ring that my friend had been wearing in her nose at the time. So since it was the only thing I actually got in my nose, I had to borrow it for a little while since it was some jewelry there keeping it from closing up. Now, that was my first mistake.

Second mistake being, I went out a few days later and bought a ring just like that one. A small diameter that I got for $8 at hot topic (I normally buy all of my jewelry at evolved, but I thought just a small ring I could get away with getting the cheap stuff). Yes, I knew better. I should have went back to Evolved and had them measure my nose and get the proper diameter, with nice, NOT cheap jewelry. But since it had been so soon I figured if I went to Evolved they would advise me not to buy a ring. Again, this should have set an alarm off in my mind that I shouldn't do this, but I was so determined to get a ring! After buying that one, I went home and tried to switch it out to my own. After another 45 minutes to an hour, it wasn't working. I ended up having to put my stud in backwards, because I couldn't put it in the right way. It didn't look too ridiculous, just as it would if I had a silver ball end instead of a gem. I kept that in for about another week or two, and felt it was time to try once again to get my own hoop in. After about an hour (AGAIN) of trying, it worked! I thought that I had broken the ring from pushing it too hard but it ended up going through the hole! I was so happy, and I liked the way it looked having a tiny septum pincher with a small hoop in my nose.

The happiness and it looking good only lasted about a week, if that. Soon after, I began growing a bubble. I figured that would happen from irritating it so much, so I didn't worry. I'd had keloids before and they went away pretty easily. So I just kind of left it alone and used bactine on it once or twice. However, this keloid didn't go away. It kept growing. I grew a little concerned and decided to go to Evolved and buy some Vitamin E oil for it. When I went in and talked to them, I told them the whole story about how I was stupid and impatient. They told me the oil should take care of it some, but I should really take the ring out since that's what was causing it to be irritated in the first place. I had worked so hard on getting that ring in that I didn't want to take it out! So I tried just using the oil on it, and keeping the ring in. After a few days of using the oil, the bubble looked like it was filled with some sort of oozy yellow liquid. And I could also notice tha t my hole had actually migrated down, which I didn't think was a very good sign. I popped the bubble that night with a needle, and drained out most of the fluid.

I went to Evolved the next day with my stud, since I couldn't get that back in myself. And I had them change it back. Jared told me that my piercing was salvageable if I took care of it. He switched it back to my stud, and actually had to redirect my piercing to the original hole. When he handed me back my ring, he also said that it was way too small and was pulling down and tugging on my piercing, hence the migration. As soon as that stud was back in I noticed later that day that my nose looked a lot better already. He advised me to do warm salt soak compressions on it to get the blood flow back to that area and to help the scar tissue go down. I did that for a few days, and it did go down a considerable amount. I have always been lazy with salt soaking though, so I stopped after about a week. This all happened in August. It is now mid-October and I still have a small trace of that bubble with some scar tissue. I salt soak it every now and then, and when I do I notice it go
down more and more. I still have the stud in, and I don't plan on putting a ring back in ANYTIME soon. I stretched my septum up to an 8g recently, and have a glass pincher in there so I don't feel I need a ring in my nose anymore and for now, I am quite alright with my stud.

Just listen to your piercer, even though it may FEEL healed it probably isn't. Be cautious when switching different types of jewelry before you're ready and don't be stubborn about it like I was!


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 30 Oct. 2008
in Nose Piercing

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Artist: Lindsay+Hearts
Studio: Evolved
Location: Columbus%2C+Ohio

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