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A Septum Experience

   So, about two and a half to three months ago, I decided to get a new piercing.  I was not exactly sure on what to get so I thought about it.  I thought about something that would help to enlighten my personal experience in the area of body modification.  I thought for about two weeks when all of the sudden, it hit me, "I should get a nose piercing!"  Then came the task of deciding WHAT nose piercing.  I did not know exactly what on the nose could get pierced besides the nostril, so I asked my piercer.  He told me about the nostril, which I thought was plain, then he talked about the septum.

The septum?  'What is that?' I thought.  He told me and I thought it was a great idea.  Then, he asked what size I wanted to do it at.  Hmm...I thought to myself, maybe something small.  That shouldn't hurt too much at a small size, but then I thought 'wait.  I want to be enlightened.  I should go big.'  Probably not the best way or reason to become enlightened but my reason none the less.  He told me that a ten gauge would work really well and would heal really well also.  So I decided on that.

I had to wait about a week because he had to order jewelry.  He called me up when the jewelry came in and told me that he was ready when I was.  I asked if he could do it that night and he said "Sure!"  He told me he would have everything sterilized in about and hour and then I could come in whenever.

I came in that night around seven and we went to his booth.  I was thinking that a ten gauge needle would not be too big, but then again, I was nervous and trying to calm myself down.  He came in with all the supplies.  We spent a good twenty to thirty minutes figuring out placement.  He would show me a spot and we would change it.  Then another spot but then we changed it.  (I really was just stalling for time, because I was so nervous.)  We finally decided that the final spot was good.

He organized his supplies and gave me the good old shop cleanliness speech. Autoclave, sterilization, all that.  I had heard it several times, but its always good to hear it again.  After he finished the speech, he unpacked his supplies.  He had me lay down on the exam table and he got ready.  He set his forceps and prepared his needle.  Now, I had spent some time pinching my septum as hard as I could with my nails to try to experience the pain before hand, but it was nowhere close.  He put the needle to my septum and asked "Are you ready?"  "No." I told him.  He waited for a second, then repeated his question.  This time, I said yes.

He told me to breathe in deep and let it out, then breathe deep again and let it out slowly while crunching my abs.  I did so and as soon as he heard me let the second breathe out, he pushed that ten gauge needle through my septum. "F*********K!!!" I yelled and I automatically had huge ass tears run down both sides of my face.  Just after I let that out, he took off the forceps.  'Whew!,' I told myself.  Then without warning, he pushed the needle the rest of the way through.  Now, like I said, he did not tell me that he wasn't finished.  He just pushed it through and 'POP!' he was done.  That really got me.  The tears this time around looked like I was holding them in for years.

He put the ten gauge Niobium retainer in and I was set.  I just laid there for a minute.  When I finally sat up, he checked the position and told me to look in the mirror.  I loved it!  It fit me just perfect.  And definitely enlightened me.  At least in the pain aspect of enlightenment.  I asked him why he took the forceps off and then finished and he told me, "When you have such a large gauge needle, the tissue can bind up when you use forceps."  I had my new piercing, my answer to why the hell he did not tell me he was not finished, and a new enlightenment of body modification.

I blew out bloody mucus from my nose for about two days and then waited for it to heal.  It took me about a month and a half to heal my septum but it was not horribly uncomfortable.  If I touched it, it was, but other than that I was fine.

I just recently stretched it to an eight gauge and still am very happy with it.  I would say that it is the most painful piercing I have had but I have only had general piercings.  Eyebrows, lip, bridge, ears, and nape are my others.  Out of the piercings I have or have had, the septum was the most painful.  But it was an overall awesome experience.  Well worth the pain.


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 30 Oct. 2008
in Nose Piercing

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Artist: Dorian+Antes
Studio: Beneath+The+Skin+Tattoo
Location: Las+Cruces%2C+NM

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