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A bad story, with a good ending

Last summer I decided I wanted my nose pierced. I had seen a lot of my friends get theirs done and I love the way that they looked. After some major convincing, my parents finally agreed to let me get it done and I was set to have it done on my vacation to Virginia Beach. When I used to live in Virginia Beach, I had all my other piercings done by the same guy at Rocks Body Shop at the beach. It seemed kind of obvious that thats where I would get my nose pierced. When I got to the piercing shop, I was told my artist did not work there anymore but that the new one would be happy to take care of me. The place was suddenly very sketchy. The old piercing room I remember was now just a room with a chair, sink, and curtain for a door. I was way too determined to get it done, so unfortunately for me I ignored my gut feeling and went ahead with the piercing. The guy doing my piercing didn't even mark where I wanted it done. They did at least use an autoclave system and everything look ed clean. He took the fresh needle out of the bag and just kind of literally.. shoved it through. There was no explanation of the procedure or anything. For the most part there was very little pain. Just a lot of pressure. I bled for about 15 minutes straight which is not normal for a nostril piercing. The entire time I was bleeding he had left the needle in my nose, once the bleeding cut down he once again shoved in an extremely tight L-ring. This was probably the most painful part of the experience. I was in Virginia for another 2 weeks, as it continued to stay tender, swollen, and red. It got to the point where the area around the stud was a blackish color. Im not sure whether it was a bruise, or infection.

Once I got back to New York it was still bleeding off and on and felt extremely tight, so I decided to have it checked out. I went to Exquisite Ink in Elmira because a lot of people I know have had work done there. Before I left for VA my friend Jason had gotten snake bites done there, and they had been extremely professional and clean. They were going to be my first choice. I called my friend Jason and we were on our way. When we got there, I explained to the guy behind the desk, Joe, that I had gotten my nose pierced and all the discomfort. I asked if he thought this was normal, and I was told that just by him looking at it, it wasn't. I went into the back room with the piercer Jesse, and let him take a look. The entire piercing room was a thousand times different then the one in Virginia. The room was spotless, it was extremely clean. Jesse proceeded to wash his hands and put on gloves so he could look at the piercing. Even with him just brushing his fingers around the pie rcing it began to bleed again. He determined that the L-ring the person in VA had put in was at least 2 mm too short. How do you mess up by 2mm??? He actually had to use a pair of sterilized tweezer type things to get it out. He not only took it out, but explained to me why it was healing wrong - and what he could do to fix it. He brought me a case of spiral rings, and told me to pick one out. Once I picked it out, he cleaned the area and carefully bent the ring to match my nose. As soon as the ring was in I could feel the difference. There was some discomfort when he was putting the ring in, but it felt much more fitted and not constricting. He took me back out into the main room, and only asked me to pay 10$ for the ring. I gave him 20$ because I was so happy with his service. He asked me to come back in if there were any problems, and to come see them in a few weeks so they could make sure there was no explosive perminate damage from the original piercing.

Since then my nose has healed perfectly. I can interchange jewelery whenever I please, but I usually go to the shop to buy the rings and have them inserted while im there. I plan on going back to Exquisite for my next tattoo, and my micro-dermal piercing.

I recommend them to anyone, they are truly amazing. If your nervous about having something done, once you get there your nerves automatically calm. Theres a really relaxed setting while maintaining a professional enviornment


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 30 Oct. 2008
in Nose Piercing

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Artist: Jesse
Studio: Exquisite+Ink
Location: Elmira%2C+NY

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