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The star that started it all

At a very young age I knew that tattoos and piercings were my 'thing'. But, I also realized, (partially assumed), that you could not keep a job while being heavily modified. I started stretching my ears at a very young age, I was probably about 14. I got my very first tattoo on my 16th birthday from my mum, who, although has an undying love for tattoos, despises piercings. But, the tattoo, the stretching.. it wasn't enough. I liked the rush of piercings.. the short, pleasant rush. So I got my tongue pierced. Was I satisfied yet? Hell no! Finally when I moved out of my parents house to live with my sister, I had this feeling that modifications were much farther away. She criticized my tattoo, my piercings, everything.

But, one day while searching for a pretty new tongue ring, I saw a beautiful star nose ring. I never really imagined myself with my nose pierced. I knew that, in time, I would probably get it done, but it wasn't at the top of the list. But, when I saw that beautiful star nose ring.. I knew. I wanted it, I wanted it, I wanted it, and damn it she wouldn't stop me. I stared at it for a bit, pondering how I would approach her,(at this point you're probably wondering why I have to ask my sister- well, at the time I moved in was about the time I got my tongue pierced, and after that one, she said no more piercings or tattoos or I'll be kicked out.), and, after a bit of pondering, she walks up behind me and says "Oh, that's cute, you should get your nose pierced."

I couldn't describe my next thought in words, so, I'll describe it with the following emoticon instead; :eek

After about one week, there I was. In my favorite place. Stiehls. I walk up to the counter, hand the receptionist all my papers, ID, all that good stuff, and proceed to stick my tongue out at my piercer, Dawn. She had pierced my tongue about 8 months prior, and I wanted to show her that since then, I had stretched it to an 8 gauge. I followed Dawn into the back room(But not before stopping to go to the bathroom and staring at the wall filled with hilarious news paper comics- all about tattoos and piercings), and hopped up on her doctor like bed. She proceeded to set everything up, and clean me off(and, as expected, she changed her gloves at least 4 times). She stuck a Q-tip of some wonderful brown stuff up my nose(notice the sarcasm in that please.), marked my nose, and then she pulled out my best friend. The beautiful needle. Was I scared? Probably a little. I really don't remember alot about what happened before hand. She shoved what I assumed was something like a receiving tube in my nose, and push, pop, done.

Wait wait wait. Huh? My eyes are watering but I felt nothing. What did you just do? I opened my eyes, and saw the needle sliding out of my nose and my beautiful little fuchsia diamond nose screw replacing it. My pain tolerance is quite high, but, I literally felt nothing. I felt the needle rest on my nose, and, that was it. It was almost a bit disappointing, because I like the pain with piercings, but, at the same time, it was a good experience and very enjoyable. The whole time I was talking with Dawn about stretching my tongue, and, as always she is very helpful, and puts so much ease into everything. Stiehls is, and always will be, my favorite place to be.
They make me feel very comfortable, and have given me a lot of help. After about a week of having my nose pierced, my little tiny diamond on my nose started to sink in. I quickly emailed Dawn, and she suggested sleeping with the nose ring turned down. It helped quite a bit!

Although the healing process takes place in about 3-6 months, I changed it in a little after a week. Why? That oh so beautiful nose ring that started it all. My cute little star. I purchased it about four days after, saying to myself I would change it when it was time, but secretly knowing I couldn't wait that long. Finally, a Saturday rolled around, and I stood in the bathroom mirror for about an hour fiddling with the stupid thing. Nose screws take alot more than a highschool education to figure out- let me tell you! Finally I got it in, and absolutely loved it!

And, that, concludes my story. Have a nice night, don't drink and drive, and stay away from safety pins, they're meant to hold fabric not skin!


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 21 Oct. 2008
in Nose Piercing

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Artist: Dawn+Stiehl
Studio: Stiehls
Location: Ithaca%2C+NY

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