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Spur of the moment

I have been interesting in piercings for as long as I can remember. My parents are both very against tattoos and piercings to the point where when I was 14 my dad actually forbade me from going on BME because he thought I was obsessed. Haha well anyway. I had my first holes in my lobes done (to my dad's annoyance) when I was 9, my second holes at 12 (to my dad's extreme annoyance), my tragus at 16, and my belly button at 17. As anyone with piercings knows, it's addicting. I knew I wanted something new but also knew that my parents would never allow anything else. I tried pressuring my mom into letting me get my nose pierced a few months ago just to see, but that didn't work and I gave up on the idea.

3 days ago I was visiting my boyfriend and friends at their college and we had nothing to do all day. The previous night we had all talked a little about piercings and in the morning I decided I was actually going to go get something done (I had turned 18 a few days before and hadn't yet done anything with my new adult status). I wasn't sure what I wanted but was thinking my options were nipples, nose, or inverse navel.

My boyfriend and I went to the local shop. It was very crowded in there which I took to be a good sign. The lobby area was very clean and from what I could see they had probably 10 little closed off rooms for tattoos and piercings down a hallway. Kind of the way a tanning place looks. I'm horrible with decisions and couldn't decide what to do. I spent a good 15 minutes just looking at jewelry for different piercings. Finally I went to the counter and asked about an inverse navel. They guy looked at my belly button but unfortunately he said I don't have the right tissue for it. I then decided against nipples because I wanted a more private experience with that piercing, not in a shop with so many workers and customers around. Even if that sounds ridiculous. So finally I made an appointment for the first available time, 6 hours later, for my nose. I also made an appointment for my friend Alyssa, as she also wanted her inverse navel.

When the time came Me, my boyfriend, Alyssa, her boyfriend, and our three friends all went to the shop. I know it was a little ridiculous. I filled out the paperwork and paid $62 for the piercing, jewelry, and aftercare spray. Then I got called back and went in to the room. There was only little room so only my boyfriend, Alyssa, and Kaytee could watch.

The piercer, Andy, was actually still doing his training, but out of every piercer I've been to, he was by far the most professional, sterile, and thorough. He cleaned the bed (like a doctor's office bed) , and showed me how everything was set up and clean. He cleaned the outside of my nose with surgical prep solution and the inside with something else. Having the inside of my nose cleaned out was by far the worst part. It was the weirdest thing I've ever felt. He then marked it with an "organic dye" and showed it to me and everyone else. It was fine. He had me lay down and stuck a tube type thing up my nose and lined up the needle. It seemed like it took a long time before it went through. I don't like all that breath in breath out breath in breath out and would rather it just went fast. He pushed it through and although it wasn't pleasant, it really wasn't painful. The pressure of the jewelry was the worst part. My eyes watered quite a bit just like they do when I ge my eyebrows waxed. I looked in the mirror and there it was.

Next, Andy set up for Alyssa and the rest of our friends switched off to watch. Glad we were the night's entertainment... He pierced her and I must say he did a wonderful job with both of our piercings. Everyone loved our piercings and said my nose ring looked very natural on me. I wasn't so sure at first but really loved it by the end of the night. I was very scared to see my parents but all they said was "I don't like it" ( I really didn't expect them to).

I really don't generally like facial piercings, but I like my nose because It's not too noticeable, and the gauge is so small that it can be removed easily later with little to no evidence that it was ever there. So It's been three days and so far I've had no problems. It seems to be healing faster than any piercing I've had, with no pain or soreness after the first day, and no crust or blood. I spray it with a salt water piercing cleaner a few times a day and that's it. So all in all it was quite worth it and I'm already looking for my next piercing.


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 21 Oct. 2008
in Nose Piercing

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Artist: Andy
Studio: Splash+of+Color+Tattoo+and+Piercing+Studio
Location: East+Lansing%2C+MI

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