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Nostril piercing, second time around.

This is my second time around getting a nostril piercing, after getting it done the first time three years ago on my right nostril, where it was done wrong; it kept falling and dangling out of my nose and causing me discomfort, unfortunately after about 5 days, I had to take it out, which was a waste of $100.

Since then I have been wanting to get it re-done as I am a huge fan of nostril piercings and especially rings more then the studs, (studs are cute though) so after wanting it for a while; 3 days ago I made an appointment to get it done after work and other stuff I had to do that day, all through work I was excited and wanting the anticipation, so the time came and I went to the piercing place which is located down an alleyway in the shopping center, told the girls there my name and the piercer came out and then told me to fill out the appropriate forms, whilst doing so she then asked which side I would like it (I choose left), if I would like to use normal metal or titanium; I already knew that even though the titanium was $15 dearer It's a better choice. Next she bought out a selection of studs to choose from, I prefer then plain silver so that's what I decided on.

After filling out the forms, I was then led to the back which was a simple small room with a lot of packs of sterile jewelry piercings tools, recliner chair and mirror as well as certificates for the store, the piercer told me to first sit down on the recliner chair while she removed the make up from my left nostril telling me that it's best so none goes inside, as well as cleaning it, then planned and drew a dot on my nose where she thought it was right and asked me to see if I liked it, which I did.

I was told to lie down and while she was getting everything set up, I made conversation asking about how to get into the piercing industry; she told me that there are courses you can do or if you find the right experienced piercer with the time, they can train you and you can become their apprentice.

When the piercer was ready she gave me a tissue for the watery eyes, told me that she was going to clamp my nose, doing so for about 10 seconds approx, asked if I was ready and If wanted to close my eyes, I replied , telling her that I'm ready as it was my second time and that I didn't want to close my eyes (at that time sitting there even though I knew what as coming and all that I was still anxious about it) the next minute I know it was a prick of the nose and I felt the needle go in, it hurt for a few seconds and my eyes were watery like crazy, the piercer keep asking if I was alright and if I was dizzy at all, I was fine and not dizzy she then told me this is the trick part trying to get it in, after 5 minuted the piercing was in and it looked great!

There was no redness, stinging or anything like that, (though that can be different for different types of people and I'll be honest the first time you don't know what to expect and it did hurt a little bit and your eyes definitely do water up) I was told for safety reasons to sit for 5-10 mins and once again asked many times if I was feeling dizzy and If I was ok; The piercer then talked about caring for the piercing, telling me when I sleep while it heals to sleep with a round band aid on it so it won't fall out during the night, she also asked if I had any aftercare products at home which I didn't so she gave me some of this spray stuff which is to clean it, I asked her some questions about healing and how long it would be before changing the jewelry (4-6 months I was told).

I then looked in the mirror one last time before paying and heading off, feeling great that day about the piercing and being so glad that I got it re-done and was worth the money.

If you're considering getting a nostril piercing I say if your absolutely certain then go for it because you have nothing to loose, but please make sure you decide what you want before hand (left/right) and that you don't end up like how I did having it done wrong; do your research/ring them up and ask questions because it is you that will waste the money if it is done wrong as well as the total disappointment. Also before going getting a piercing and if you're not feeling well/got a headache etc take something for it as you might feel sicker or dizzy.

Thanks for reading my story, if you have any questions feel free to ask me :)


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 21 Oct. 2008
in Nose Piercing

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