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Nose Ring Bump...Dont let this happen to you!

I recently moved out of my house, and wanted to get a new piercing to celebrate. I had always wanted a nose ring, so I thought that this would be the perfect opportunity to get it done.

I have my eyebrow done, 0g plugs, and 4 self done ear piercings on each side. All of these healed quickly and gave me no trouble. However, I also had an industrial which never really healed right. The top half of my ear was red for about 2 months and was forming keloids. I ended up taking it out and going on antibiotics. I also had another cartilage ring that I took out since I noticed a bump and didn't want to risk keloid formation.

Anyway, I headed to the local tattoo/piercing shop and told the guy that I wanted to get my nose pierced. The piercer talked me through it and was very friendly. He showed me the shops passing inspection certificates on the wall. He also took the needle out of a new bag in front of me so I knew that it was safe. I completely trusted him and had confidence that this piercing would turn out well. I sat on the table and bam it was done in about 5 seconds. He gave me a bottle of h20cean and told me to clean it in the mornings and nights with anti bacterial soap, and 5x a day with the h20cean.

For the next two weeks, my nose ring looked amazing and I was in love. Then one day i was taking a shower and accidentally snagged it on something. I also had spent the weekend at my friends place and forgot to bring the h20cean with me. My nose ring started getting crusty. When I cleaned it the crust would come off onto the q-tip and it was kind of a light yellow color. I would twist the nose screw so it was half way out, and i saw a tiny bump starting to form! I was so scared! I knew this could be a problem if I didn't get help soon. I went to the piercing place, and found out that my piercer, who is the only piercer in the shop, was only going to be in on Friday that week. (it was Monday when i went) There is another piercing place down the street so I decided to go there to get help.

That's where I made my first mistake. I asked the girl there to look at it for me. She took me to the chair, put gloves on, and examined my nose. She kept insisting to me that there was no bump. I told her to loosen the nose screw, because the ball was covering it. She told me that I had caught it just in time, and that if I took care of it now, that it wouldn't be a problem. She told me to make an aspirin paste and apply it before i went to bed. I did it the same night, and when i woke up it looked EVEN WORSE. I tried it again for a second night, and nothing was happening. The bump had doubled in size and it was red. After a lot of thought, I decided to take the nose ring out. I remembered how gross my ear had looked when I got a keloid on it, and I didn't want to have a permanent bump on my nose. Taking the jewelry out did not help at all. The bump was still there, red and shiny as ever. I kept spraying it with h20cean and cleaning it, but it wasn't helping. I read that
putting a hot compress on it would help, so I tried that also.

About a week later, I looked into the mirror and the bump had gotten bigger than ever and was filled with puss. It also hurt when I twitched my nose. I tried covering it with makeup but it still looked disgusting. I couldn't take it anymore. I took a sterilized needle and popped it. I know this is gross, but the amount of puss that came out of it was indescribable! Popping it had released some pressure and although the bump was a little smaller (not even noticeably smaller) , it was now red with blood. I continued with the hot compresses and the bump went down in size, but it was still disgusting. I put Bactroban cream on it, which took the red away but did nothing to decrease the size of the bump. One day the bump randomly was big again. I popped it with a needle for the second time...I couldn't resist the urge. Some puss came out, but it was mostly just blood. It looked gross once again.

I had been researching the bump on line for this whole time, and was unsuccessful in finding information. Then, finally i came across a page which explained the difference between a nose ring keloid, and a granuloma. There are different ways to treat each thing. ASPIRIN PASTE WORKS FOR KELOIDS. NOT GRANUOLMAS. The web site said that the purpose of the aspirin is to eat away at the scar tissue of the keloid. For granuolmas, you have to find a way to dry out the fluid inside of the bump. I went to the grocery store and bought a bottle of sea salt. I mixed the salt with a tiny bit of water, so it would be able to stick to my nose. Before I went to bed, I applied a huge lump of this sea salt paste onto the bump. I could actually feel it working. The next day, it was completely dried up. All that was left was a teeny little scab, probably from when I had popped it. I put the salt on it the next night, and when i woke up, the bump was completely gone!

Although I was extremely happy to get rid of the bump, I was also really pissed off to know that I probably could have saved my nose ring if only I had tried this earlier. I also wanted to strangle the girl from the other piercing place for giving me wrong information ( I later found out that she was an apprentice)

For anyone who has a nose granulation, I strongly recommend putting sea salt on it. I hope this story will be able to help others who are experiencing problems with the dreaded bump. Remember, don't trust anyone, and always do your research. People could give you the wrong information, and you don't want to end up in a situation like I was!


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 21 Oct. 2008
in Nose Piercing

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Wednesday, September 28, 2016 @12:10 p.m.
Thank you! I have a granule make and have done aspirin paste for two nights. It's gotten a little smaller, but after your much appreciated research I'm going to follow ur advice and just use the sea salt. Can u please tell me how much salt and water? Thank you! I have been extremely bummed!
Wednesday, September 28, 2016 @12:11 p.m.
I have a granulation. Phone typo

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