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my septum story...

For as long as I could remember, I wanted a piercing. Finally,I got the guts to do it. I wasn't going for the norm, either. I had to have something different. My septum...I had to have it! I had seen it on a few people, and decided to have it done. I didn't bother calling around to find a suitable studio to do it. My friend was friends with a guy who had an in-home studio. Looking back, I can't believe I got pierced at someone's house, and that person happened to go by Pig. But, it was legit. It wasn't done in a kitchen, he actually had a working business in one of his rooms. On the day of my piercing, my friend picked me up and we went to Pig's home. He was asleep, but woke up to do my piercing. The fact that he was barely awake should have scared me then and there, but i wasn't leaving without my piercing! We proceeded to his studio. Pig was the ideal tattoo/piercing artist. He was big, covered in tattoos, had a shaved head, and didn't smile a lot.

Despite all of this, he was very professional in the way he handled the equipment needed for the piercing. After checking out my nose and marking the spot, he gave me a moment to collect myself. Of course, like anyone new to piercing, I asked about the pain. He was very honest and straightforward in telling me that it would feel like a lot of pressure was being placed on my nose. He told me that it wouldn't bleed a lot, but that my eyes would water afterward.

With my head tilted back, the friend who accompanied me held my hand. As the needle made contact with my nose, i clinched and waited for the worst. There was definitely a sting and lots of pressure. A little more pressure and a bit more pain, and the ring was in. Pig held a tissue up to my nose. I looked down through the tears that rolled from the corners of my eyes, and saw the minimal amount of blood. Whew, it was over. And surprisingly, it wasn't all that bad. It wasn't bad at all. When I checked it out in the mirror, I was speechless. Part of me was really excited, but part of me was shocked that I actually did it.

After leaving Pig's shop, I returned home. I was able to conceal my piercing from my older sister for about three days, but one day I was looking up and she saw it. She was shocked and upset, but she eventually accepted it. My new septum piercing was the highlight of my life...for a while. I took my ring out to go on job interviews, and unfortunately, I let it stay out for a number of days. When I remembered that I had taken it out, and needed to put it back in, it was too late. Forcing it in was too painful. It also didn't help that I had gotten sick and had a runny nose. That's actually the only thing I don't like about having a septum piercing. If you get sick while it's healing, it's painful having to blow and rub your nose so much. I got my nose pierced in the winter, and I noticed that the cold you can feel the cold of the metal in your nose. This isn't too irritating, but if you're outside for an extended period of time, you'll certainly notice.

So, here I am now. I miss my septum piercing, and I want it replaced. Tomorrow, I'm going to have it done. I won't be having it done by the same person. Instead, I'm going to a really cool shop in my neighborhood. I've heard many great things about The Dragon's Breath, and I'm excited about going. This is the last time I'm getting my septum pierced. I've come to realize that getting a retainer is a lot less expensive than throwing money away to have something pierced over and over again.

If you're thinking about having your septum done...go for it! You won't regret it. And it's one of those piercings that won't leave you with a visible scar once you take it out. It's relatively painless, and over quite quickly. It's also kind of versatile, as far as jewelry is concerned. I loved it, and will love it again once I get it done tomorrow.

For a split second, I considered doing it myself. But, I am in no way a professional piercer. As you know, you're body isn't just made of skin and muscle. There are nerves, arteries, etc. underneath. As a phlebotomist, I've learned about the dangers of hitting these sensitive areas. Please, have your piercing done professionally. Yeah, it'll be a little more expensive, but nerve damage will cost you more in the long run.


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 21 Oct. 2008
in Nose Piercing

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Artist: Pig
Studio: done+in+a+home+studio
Location: Ft.+Worth

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