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My Nose Piercing Experience

So, I was sitting around the house one day pretty bored, and I decided that I wanted to get something pierced. I asked my boyfriend what he thought I should get done, because I didn't want something too dramatic, and I already had my navel, tongue, and several piercings in my ears done.

Anyways, I had been thinking of getting my nose pierced but was afraid it might not suit me. I mean, it being on my FACE, it wasn't something I could just risk. So after asking a few close friends, and hearing my boyfriend's opinion, I decided to get my nostril pierced.

A few days after my decision, I was sitting around on a rainy day, which I happened to have off of work. So, I figured no time would be better to get this piercing than now. So I called a few places (the 2 reputable shops where I had my previous piercings done), and booked an appointment for an hour and a half later.

I showed up at the shop on time, after taking the bus and walking in the rain. When I got there, I filled out a sheet with my birth date and any allergies or medications I may have, and gave it back to the guy behind the front desk. He put two stands in front of me with nose rings on it: one had silver rings with diamonds and the other had gold. I chose a silver nose screw with a light purple diamond (the birth stone for February, even though my birthday is in September) because I thought it looked the nicest.

I was given a booklet on aftercare and waited about 5 minutes in the waiting room. The piercer came and got me, and I went back into the piercing area. My boyfriend stayed in the waiting room. Partially because I was embarrassed by having to have him watch something get pierced through my nostril, and partially because the thought of watching it didn't really appeal to him.

I was told to sit down in the chair while the piercer went and washed her hands. She came back and started showing me the jewellery and piercing tools to make sure that everything was sterile, and the jewellery was the one I wanted. Everything seemed cool so she asked which side she was piercing. I opted for the left side, for no reason in particular, other than that my boyfriend said he pictured it being on the left. I didn't care much either way. The whole piercing thing was kind of random to begin with.

So, the piercer started cleaning my nose on the outside, and then apologized for the awkwardness, but said she had to clean the inside of my nose too. I laughed, and she used a Q-tip and cleaned the inside of my nose.

She put a mark on my left nostril, allowed me to look in the mirror and make sure it was in a good place. She asked if I ever planned on wearing a hoop in it, because if I did she would move the hole a little. I decided that a hoop probably wouldn't look the best on me, and that the mark I had on my nostril seemed like a pretty good place for the jewellery to go.

The piercer started explaining some aftercare instructions before she did the piercing. She explained that I should either use salt and water to clean the piercing, or that I could buy a $6 spray from the shop and use that to clean my piercing. (I opted for the spray in the end). She explained that once my piercing is in, that I should keep it in for 3 months. It takes 8-10 weeks to heal, but the longer it stays in, the better. She explained that if I had any problems or questions about it, to give her a call, and then she said that it was time to pierce my nose.

I was told to lay down and the piercer told me that a little metal piece would be put into my nose for a second, to prevent the needle from damaging the inside of my nose when it was pierced. I was also told, "Now might be a good time to close your eyes", which I did. (I'm didn't particularly want to SEE the needle coming towards my face!)

The actual piercing hurt quite a bit more than any of the others I have. I had my eyes closed, but when the needle when in, I did flinch a little. Once the needle went in, my left eye started watering. The piercer pulled the needle through, inserted the jewellery, and it was over. She also gave me a piece of gauze to wipe my eye with.

My nose was bleeding around the jewellery and the piercer cleaned it up a little for me. She moved the jewellery on the inside of my nose to make it a little more comfortable for me. Then she explained that most people have no problems for the first month, but some develop a small bump around the jewellery after that. I was told that if it happened, to go see her again, because there is a way to clear it up. After that, I thanked her and looked in the mirror. It looked a lot better than I ever would have thought, and I was very happy. I went to the front and paid for the piercing, and purchased the $6 spray to clean it with.

It has only been 4 days since I have had the piercing, but I like it a lot. Although the piercing itself was pretty painful, I haven't had any problems with it afterward. Cleaning it is very easy and it isn't red or anything. I like it a lot, and I think it is a very good piercing to get if you are looking for a change!


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on: 21 Oct. 2008
in Nose Piercing

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