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My Nostrils

Sometime when I was thirteen, I realized I wanted to get my nostril pierced.

It started out as a fanciful idea; I'd see someone passing me on the street who had one and I'd automatically gape and stare in my mind. The way that a little jewel sat on the nose just seemed so lovely and – strangely enough – cozy! There was just something about this piece of jewelry situated where it was that really drew me in. But of course, being so young, the idea that one day I would have a hole in my nose was simply a daydream.

Then, one month before my fifteenth birthday, my parents asked me what I wanted to do to celebrate. The one thing that had been coasting in the back of my mind suddenly arose with great eagerness – a nostril piercing!

Thankfully, my mother knew and understood that I had wanted to pierce my nostril for a long time, and so my parents agreed to make it happen for me.

On that wonderful day I turned fifteen, my parents and I drove down to the nearest piercing parlor. This was my first official piercing – besides the horribly standard mall earlobe hole punching – and I couldn't stop smiling throughout the whole thing. My parents and I went up to the counter and I told the man sitting behind it what I wanted to get done (unfortunately I can't remember his name, but he really did a wonderful job). The usual procedure followed: they took our IDs, had me pick out a nice piece of jewelry, measured my nose, and then had us wait as they autoclaved the piece. When all that was done and we were finally sent into the room where they pierced, my parents and I sat down as the man who would be sticking a needle through my nose soon explained the procedure. I was actually surprised with how much information about safety and precautions he covered; it was really nice to hear, because it really showed me how prepared and experienced he was in his art, which definitely helped the nervous factor a lot.

When everything about the piercing was explained and all my parent's questions had been answered, he had me lie down on the table. He explained everything while he was doing it, and really made me feel comfortable with it. Soon enough, I was taking those deep breaths that prepare you for such an amazing moment. Deep breath in... deep breath out... pop! There goes the needle through the nose. A few moments of placing the jewelry in and voila! The sparkly jewel that I had adored on other people's noses had finally found its way to me. I got up, checked the mirror, and beamed. Finally! It was done. I graciously thanked him, put a tip in the jar, collected the aftercare stuff, and I was out the door with a luminous smile and a happy nose.

Everything went well for the next few months. I had immediately gotten lots of compliments on my new nostril, and the healing seemed to be going smoothly. I followed the instructions of the sea salt soaks and made sure that it was clean and stayed that way.

Unfortunately, I noticed that horrid "bump" that nostril owners everywhere can identify with beginning to swell up next to my piercing. At first, I had no idea what was going on – so I turned to the internet. After finding out what it was, I looked for how to get rid of it. Nothing seemed to work. I kept trying nonetheless.

One day, I tried to change the jewelry, and then I realized that I couldn't get anything back in the hole – it had closed up within a few minutes. Rare, but it happened. And so, to my disappointment and frustration, I retired the short-lived jewel of a dream. It just came to a point where there didn't seem to be a point in trying to get it to behave, so I just threw up my hands and sighed.

But I was still determined.

Six months after I had gotten my nostril pierced, and one month after I had taken it out, I asked my parents if I could get it re-done. They agreed, and so the plans were made. This time I was going to get it done on the other side of my nose; this time was going to be different than the first.

And it was.

I now sit writing this with an imperfect, but quite successful nostril piercing. I had returned to the same studio to get my nostril done again, although with a different piercer (the owner of the studio – she was really quite exceptional and wonderful, just like all the other skilled piercers working with her). The healing period went better than the first, and so did some time after it. Eventually the bump did show up, but I tried a method that I hadn't tried before and it disappeared right away – haven't seen it since! (For those wondering, I put tea tree oil on the bump – it's a contradicted method, but it really worked for me. But don't take my advice on this, purely because everyone's bodies reacts differently to different things, and also because I'm not an expert either.)

I couldn't be happier with my nostril piercing, and I'm really glad it worked out on the other side of my nose. (I did end up deciding that I like it better on the side that I have now, so I guess all things really do work out in the end.) It also opened the door into the body modification world for me – something that I owe great thanks to!


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on: 21 Oct. 2008
in Nose Piercing

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