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Long and Painful (the process, not the piercing!)

The decision to get my septum pierced was a long and arduous one, much more painful than the actual piercing itself. At this point I had my bellybutton, nostril, lip, and 2 holes in each lobe, one set of which are currently at 0g. I've been working on getting my tattoos rather than being focused on piercings lately, but one of my co-workers this past summer talked every day about getting her other nostril done, and I suppose it just instilled the bug in me again. I think most people reading this have probably had that piercing bug a few times in their lives.

Halfway through the summer, thanks to her ranting and my love of body mods, I had my mind set on getting another piercing, I just didn't know which one... I had so many awesome options in mind! Everything from the other side of my lip to complete a set of snakebites, to doing a multi-navel project, to an anti-brow, to my septum, just to name a few. I finally narrowed them down using various reasons to snakebites or septum. "I want something noticeable so no navel." "I don't want to deal with the bumping that happens with surface piercings." etc, etc... Decisions decisions... It was definitely the hardest piercing decision I'd made in my life, which worried me at first. If I didn't want one thing badly enough, should I really get anything?

I conducted multiple surveys of my friends and family, trying to decide on which would be best, knowing that what anyone else said would never affect my decision, I was going to have to do this on my own. So one afternoon, I sat down, went to bmezine, and browsed and browsed and browsed.... I looked at septums and snakebites galore, trying to imagine my face with each. I decided that since I already had my lip pierced, I didn't want to get another one because I wanted to experience something different. The actual experience of getting pierced is always something really special that I keep with me, so I wanted it to be unique. There you go. Septum it was. I was positive it was what I wanted, and after a few minutes of realizing that I knew what I was doing, I had that ecstatic feeling I always get when I decide on a new piercing. That meant that I had no reason to be worried anymore.

But once I started announcing what my plan was going to be once I got back to school in the fall, the horror stories started rolling in. Everything from, "You're going to lose the middle of your nose," to "If you get an infection it'll go straight up your septum into your BRAIN!" Ridiculous, I thought, but unnerving nonetheless. I wouldn't let anyone deter me, I was GOING to get my septum pierced. I've always taken good care of my piercings and have never had so much as any irritation, never mind an infection.

I decided one Sunday, "Tomorrow is the day. I'm going to do it." The day I went, my friend Amanda took me. She already had her septum among many other piercings, so I thought she would be the most qualified of my friends to calm me down in that situation. Usually I'm not particularly nervous when I go get pierced, but because of all the things people had told me, my stomach had some definite butterflies. We got to Scarab and I almost couldn't stand because I was so light-headed! Luckily, there were a couple of people in front of me so I had some time to calm down, drink some ginger ale and collect myself. After what seemed like forever, John came up to us and asked what we were having done. I said I wanted to get my septum, and he gave me a little smirk because it was pretty obvious how nervous I was from my shaky voice. "You'll be fine," he told me with a smile. After asking what size I wanted (14g), having me fill out the forms, and bringing me into the back room, I had cal med down sufficiently. While he got his equipment ready, I told him of the horror stories I had been exposed to and he outright laughed! "Yeah," he began, "the fucked up thing is, most of those rumors were started by piercers quite a while ago." I was shocked! He continued, "A lot of piercers used to be really nervous to pierce septums because they're one of the more difficult places and are easy to mess up, so instead of referring people to other piercers who were willing, they would tell customers horror stories to convince them to not get it done." No way! I felt sooo much better after he said that. Then he told me about how that can happen with any piercing if you don't take good care of it, and that if you clean it well, you shouldn't have any more problems than with any other piercing.

I was ready.

After warning me that it would be a little crooked because of the shape of my septum (which I was fine with, I do have a crooked nose) and that there was nothing he could do about it, I said to continue. I gripped Amanda's hand and made the decision to keep my eyes open because of the interesting angle I had. He did the typical breathe in, breathe out and pierce technique. After un-clenching my teeth, I realized it was much less painful than I'd anticipated!! Basically, it was just incredibly sharp, but after it was in, I barely noticed it, and putting the jewelry through was cake. I paid John and gave him a super tip (because he deserved it), and then got on my way. Unfortunately, what I HADN'T anticipated was that every time I stepped I could feel it. Apparently noses move a lot more than you'd think. It wasn't painful, just strange, and I got used to it after about a day. With 2-a-day sea salt soaks with a paper towel and avoiding touching it with my hands or clothes, afte r 5 weeks it's healed magnificently. I still clean it because I'm paranoid about keeping my piercings healthy, but it's better to be safe than sorry for sure!

For anyone thinking about piercing their septum, don't listen to the horror stories! If you're a responsible piercee and clean it regularly, you'll be stellar! And although it hurt, it wasn't nearly enough to deter me from getting it again if I had the chance. I absolutely adore it. =)

PS- If you're anywhere close to Syracuse, NY, hit up John Joyce at Scarab Body Arts!! He's absolutely amazing. Very personable, extremely experienced, and nationally renowned. Epic.


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on: 21 Oct. 2008
in Nose Piercing

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Artist: John+Joyce
Studio: Scarab+Body+Arts
Location: Syracuse%2C+NY

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