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Less painful than dentist injections

I've been wanting a piercing for 3 years and now I'm finally old enough I decided to get a piercing. We went Seventh Sun since it's the best for piercings around my area but there was so many people in that small shop the guy said it would cost £35 and I'd have to wait until 5pm to get it pierced. It was about 2pm... So I was like not going to wait 3 hours.

My mate was going to get her tattoo done and said that her place might do it. So I rang them up and they said they did and were available a 3pm and it was only £20. I didn't know whether to go since it was where I use to live which was a bit dodgy but my mate had a previous tattoo done there and it was really nice so I decided to go with it... being £15 cheaper and all.

We got there and the man who did the tattoos was lovely and spoke to us for ages and just joked around. The place didn't look IMMENSELY professional as the woman there who was his wife was on the internet on ebay and facebook!! His wife was the one who did my piercing. They both started explaining how they've had their septum's done twice but I mistaken it for DOING MINE TWICE which kind of scared me but then they were like no WE DID! They also said they were self taught but have had loads of experience which was nice as they were honest about that . They didn't really ID us but my mate had been there before and had a tattoo done and I was old enough anyways.

I was TERRIFIED I thought I was going to faint. She told me to lean my head back and put the clamp on. My neck ached a lot and then she did it.. stuck some thing through slowly and my GOSH did it sting but wasn't HALF bad as I expected it to be. My neck ache hurt MORE than the piercing. It was less painful than the 18 injections I had had on my gum/inner lip. It was kind of a sharp pain that you could bare but it still hurt but wasn't so much that you would scream. Bashing your knee into a table hurts a lot more... Looking at the clamp made me nauseated but I couldn't see what she was doing whilst she was doing it and therefore had my eyes opened. She was clamping it and saying she was looking for my cartilage then asked me if the clamp felt comfortable and that she was trying to get it as straight as possible. She kind of talked me through it but I was dizzy and too scared to pay attention.

Naturally, my eyes started watering but I wasn't in THAT much pain and the guy was so sweet and came over with a tissue to wipe my tear drops and was like "a lot of people get teary" . Then it was finished. It took longer than I expected but I was happy and I had my small pink horse shoe shaped ring with balls on each side!

They also said it would take 6 weeks for it to heal enough and for me to change the piercing but from the side of mine I want to/NEED to change to a smaller size immediately since I need to flip it up. The ring they used WAS really small but my nose quite big but quite flat and basically my nostrils are tiny.

They didn't even ask for money we naturally took out our purses in the end and they were in no rush. There wasn't any queues or waiting time and the piercing is perfectly fine so far. They gave me a sheet of paper on how to clean it and made me fill out forms but after that it was all fine.

Now... I'm in a dilemma since my nose is far too tiny to flip the small horse shoe shaped ring up.. I still got school and need to hide it from them AND my mum. I've spent an hour trying to flip it up and it hurt a lot. I've taken the balls off and taped it down with a plaster and now look like Hitler

My friends say it looks like I've been punched and blood has run down my nose or that it looks like a bogey. I really like it and that's all that matters. Hopefully I won't get bored of it or if my mum finds out I hope she doesn't make me take it out!

It was a pleasant experience and I suggest you get it done IF you want it done a.s.a.p since it will take time to heal. Don't be scared it's well worth it!


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on: 21 Oct. 2008
in Nose Piercing

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