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3rd time's a charm - my 10 g septum

So I've always been a big fan of piercings; since as long as i can remember. What started this fascination was probably the day I saw my first pre-school teacher's boyfriend come in. I saw one of his ears pierced all up his cartilage, and after I got my ears pierced later on, I knew I'd be back for more. After my first ear piercings, i got double lobe piercings followed by my first cartilage piercing a year after, and my parents decided that that was enough. Of course, I didn't. I triple pierced my left ear and pierced the cartilage 2 more times without my parents finding out or noticing.. But when that didn't feed my addiction I continued to look for more places to pierce that were inconspicuous to my up tight parents.

Well now that you know my background....... As soon as I heard about septum piercings I was intrigued, and I set that as my goal. I had to get this piercing and I knew my parents would NOT be cool with it so I would have to be the sneaky little devil that I am to get away with it. First, I got together all the stuff I needed: a jumbo pin, some germ-x, a lighter, saline solution, and an apple. I AM AWARE THAT THIS WAS A STUPID WAY TO PIERCE MYSELF AND FOR BEING SUCH AN UNEXPERIENCED FOOL I SHOULD GET AN INFECTION AND DIE, but I've learned my lesson, honestly. So anyways, I cut the apple in a chunk, because I didn't have a cork, and put it on one side of my septum for backing. Next, I used the lighter to "burn the bacteria off the pin", which I heard is supposed to work but more recently I was told that it actually is worse for infections.

SO, then I poked around to find a good placement for the piercing to go, and this took more time than the actual piercing. So I was getting kind of nervous, cause even though I have a high pain tolerance I was scared it was gonna bleed or get infected or something, but I just decided to force myself to do it anyways and get it over with. I counted myself down, and in 3, 2, 1, I shoved the needle through, well kind of halfway through. It didn't hurt much, just a pinch that made my eyes water. The way out was a little tricky, cause I didn't want to screw it up and have it crooked. When I decided it was straight enough I shoved it all the way through and it was BEAUTIFUL. Plus, didn't bleed at all.

I knew I would have to put it in hiding though, and it broke my heart to know that my poor little septum piercing would never see the light of day in the presence of my idiotic parents. So I put in a standard post earring, witch was about an 18 gauge and left it to heal. It wasn't real sore or anything, I hardly noticed it was there :(. But I was satisfied knowing I could gauge it up once I got some rings. I had a 14 gauge circular barbell from when I used it on my ears, and like 2 months after I pierced it I shoved the 14 gauge through. It didn't hurt too bad, just lots of pressure, as with gauging your ears, but I DID skip a gauge size, so I anticipated that it would hurt much more than it did.

Anyways...... I left that ring in for a few months and flipped it up in my nose to hide it from my strict parents whenever I went home and took it out of hiding whenever I went out. My friends loved it and so did I. Eventually, I bought a black 12 gauge to put in it, cause I felt that the ring was too small and the gauging process felt like nothing with that one. Didn't even get sore or anything after I put it in. Like a week after that I went for a 10 gauge I had bought before when I wanted to put them in my ears. Well this one took a little longer to gauge, plus it was externally threaded so it got stuck half way through. It stung a little when it exited, and I was scared that it might scab for a bit, but other than a little pain it was a breeze.

The next day it was sore, actually all that week was pretty sore. I was scared that my parents would notice the shiny object in my nose. Unfortunately, they DID find out.. One day when I was sleeping I got woken up by my mom looking up my nose and being like,"YOU'RE RIGHT, SHE DOES HAVE HER NOSE PIERCED". When my dad found about it he flipped his lid, but I only got in trouble for a bit and they made me take it out.. I guess that's all they have the power to do. But I had a spare anyways so I just put that one in. I am so glad that I pierced it and if I ever was forced to take it out and let it heal i would probably cry because I've grown on it so much and love it. Also, it is my favorite piercing.

One last thing, I got caught with my septum pierced 3 times over the period of time that I've had it; over a year, and each time I was able to keep a replacement ring in it.


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 21 Oct. 2008
in Nose Piercing

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