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Repiercing love!

My obsession with piercings started ever since I got my first ear piercing eight years ago! I only have my ears done, three on each and a cartilage on my right (which was done with a gun and I regret it!).

Anyways, so after my cartilage I told my mom that it would be the last for me wanting piercings. Well about six months later I started looking into nose piercings. Now my mom is pretty difficult to convince, so I kind of would question her about any facial piercings I could get if she would let me get any. Well at first she basically said no.

So one day I brought up the fact that I wouldn't mind getting my nose pierced. She said that if I did well in school and passed my finals it would happen! So for the rest of the school year I put all of my focus on school. And it worked! So my mom said that the next time we go to the city I could get it done.

One day my mom told me that we were going to the city the next day, and that I could get my nose done! I could not wait; I barely slept that night because I was extremely excited! This would be my first needle piercing! So the trip up to the city I was pretty clam, but I was a little nervous, I had watched a lot of videos of nose piercings, and that needle always seemed to be in their nose for a long time!

So we get to the city and we do some shopping, and than we started to ask around if there is a piercing studio. We got told that there was one in the mall called In Essence, which made me kind of suspicious. So anyways we find the place that and as soon as you walk in it seemed to remind me of a yoga studio, soft music playing, scents. It was a really nice place. So I tell this girl that I want to get my nose pierced. Now they usually will do people that are walk-ins, but you still have to wait some time. So while we are waiting my mom and I fill out forms, even though I am legal age, but my mom didn't mind. Also while we are waiting I picked out my nose screw which was a little diamond, and than my mom paid $62, and left me to wait for my turn. So while I was waiting I talked with the mom of the girl that would be piercing me.

So finally it was my turn! I was slightly nervous, but I wasn't going to let three months of convincing my mom go to waste! As soon was I walked in to the room I knew that they knew what they were doing. So I was told to sit on this bed that is the same that you see at the doctors office. So we talked while she prepared for the piercing. She cleaned the inside of my nose with stuff that smelled, but it was not anything to complain about, than she made a mark on the side that I wanted which was my right, and than she asked me if the placement was good, and by this point and she had changed her gloves a few times, I said yes, she would be the one that would know what would be a good placement. So put the receiving tube up my nose and than I told her to go and before I know it I felt some pressure and my right eye watering. Than she slid the jewelry, which in my opinion hurt the most, but it was pain that I could deal with. Now I know that it sounds like she took a long time bu t it was actually I swear 5 seconds or less! So after she was done cleaning the blood, there was very little. She handed me a mirror and I loved it! So I thanked her and went to show my mom, who was even impressed. So after she left me get a bite to eat, than we left to go home.

Through the whole ride home I kept on looking in the mirror, I just loved it! I could not wait till the next day at school for everyone to see it! Well that never happened! I had completely forgotten about the piercing and as I was pulling off a shirt it got caught, and as soon as I felt it come out I knew I was at a loss. I had no idea how to get it back in, and I did not know anyone that did. I was a little disappointed, but my mom said that I could get it redone, but if anything happens that that one I would have to wait till I move out.

So for the whole summer I kind of missed the feeling of the nose piercing, even though I had it for less than a day.

The summer came and went, and school started up again and of course over the summer people change, piercings, hair, etc. And I really wanted to get my nose done again! So my mom said that the last weekend in September we would go up to the city! So finally the weekend came! So again we got shopping and than we head to In Essence, it was the same procedure all over, pick the jewelry and sign forms. And we happened to get lucky because they were having a Halloween special so all piercings were $20 off!! So instead of $60 my piercing was only $40!

So this time we had to wait a little longer because the girl that was doing piercings had to re-sterilize everything for the piercings that she was doing. That was alright with me, so we were told to come back in about half an hour. When it was time I went to the place, my mom stayed and talked to her friend. As I get there I had to wait for the girl to come back because she had to get something. Finally it was time to go through everything again! I had told her what had happened the first time, so I already knew what was coming. Again cleaned my nose, marked on the right side, and before I knew it I had my nose re-pierced! So again I thanked her and went to where my mom was. That evening the piercing hurt a little, but the feeling went away. On Monday I got a lot of complements, and I think some of my friends are even jealous! Their parents are way stricter than my mom!


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 13 Oct. 2008
in Nose Piercing

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Artist: She+never+said+her+name
Studio: In+Essence
Location: Moose+Jaw

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