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My Unplanned Septum Piercing

My best friend Natasha and I gradually became addicted to piercings (who hasn't?). It started (as most of them do) with some non- lobe ear piercings, and then our navels and her nose. We graduated to more adventurous nipple piercings, but my most recent trip was something different; something on my face, visible to the world, and can't be hidden by clothing.

I had wanted some kind of facial piercing for a long time, mostly a lip ring or a labret. I always thought septum piercings looked lovely too... although i didn't intend on getting one, I still asked the wearers all the usual questions; "Did it hurt?" "Did it bleed a lot?" "How long did it take to heal?" etc..

So the day came when Natasha and I decided to get another round of needles through our skin. This day was planned weeks in advance, we had saved up all our money to go running around the city and the mall.

This studio was located in 'the village' (in NYC) but unlike most other studios in that area, this one was very professional and required ID and they were very clean.

(most kids go to the village if they are underage, but the studios are often unsanitary and unprofessional)

Natasha and some of her college roommates have had work done at this studio, called "Whatever", before and we were confident that we'd get good results.

At the desk, I reached into my pocket and pulled out a wad of cash. The regular price was about $25 for every piercing (unless it was complicated or surface) and here i had $100 to spare.

I already new I wanted labret, and I added 2 ear piercings to that too. So i signed the papers and sat down, as everything was cleaned and prepared. The labret didn't hurt too much, but unfortunately I tend to flinch and make funny faces when Im in pain, so the stud came out the tiniest bit to the right, but thats something so negligible that only I would notice.

Then the two other ear piercings were done, and I looked in the mirror. Everything was beautiful, except... the rest of my face looked.. well, naked.

I said to Natasha "I feel like my face needs something else."

I didn't want the focal point of my face to be my mouth. I already had a long chin and a long jaw, i didn't want the lower half of my face looking "heavy" like that. I wondered if I could even it out, and add something a bit more north. She recommended an eyebrow piercing or a nose ring... But that wasn't the best idea, i was already going against my parents' rules with the labret, why piss them off more?

And out of nowhere- "Can I add a septum to that?" I asked.

"You can add as many as you want."

I decided to get a horse shoe so i could flip it up and hide it.

It felt a little strange, the piercer had rubber gloves on and it felt like she was picking my nose. She was trying to find that 'sweet spot' and make it look 'as cute as possible'

She explained how septum piercings are kind of tricky, because no one is perfectly symmetrical, and they tend to come out crooked if not done super carefully.

She also made comments about how some people bleed a lot, and it was running down their mouth. This didn't bother me though, apparently I'm not much of a bleeder to begin with. In terms of pain she said it's like popping a pimple inside your nose, not unbearable, but definitely uncomfortable and makes your eyes water.

I didn't remember the clamp, to be honest I can't be sure she even used one, at this point I had my head back and I was staring at the ceiling trying not to look or think about it.

"Breathe in...."

My lip and left ear were still throbbing a bit and felt hot. I almost whimped out and asked her to forget about it, because my skin almost felt tired. But before I could open my mouth,

"Breathe Out..."

I've heard this was the most painful, and the most bloody piercing... LIES I SAY!!!

My eyes watered, I cringed my teeth a bit, and that was it. No pain, no blood, not even a single drop. Natasha laughed and made a disappointed comment; "Oh, no gushing blood?"

The piercer handed me a tissue to wipe my eyes, and I asked how it looked.

It was agreed, the septum piercing suited me, it looked adorable, it looked cute. Too bad I had to flip it.

The first time i flipped it up, it was still slightly visible if your looking at my nose. My mom is shorter than me by 5 inches, so I tried pushing it a bit more 'forward' as if i wanted to flip it in a whole circle.

Better. Unless you're right up in my face at an angle, even then, you'd only see the slightest glimmer.

Other than a slight itch, it didn't feel too sore. Of course on the walk home I wanted to keep it down to show it off. The next day at the mall was the last time I had it down for a looonnng time.

I'm very familiar with piercings and their healing process. The basic home remedy of sea salt and hot water along with regular old anti-bacterial soap in the shower was all it took for me. My body was always a fast healer, and my piercings never required too much maintenance. Every body is different, but for me personally, it didn't "ooze" that goo like other piercings do. I just got a tiny scab of crust that had to by cleaned off before I moved the ring, or else you'd have a painful tug on the skin and your eyes would start tearing...

I've been extremely please with the way it looks, I love it very much and I'm actually glad I made that spur of the moment decision.

Although I can't imagine many downsides to this piercing for the average person, these are the only ones that I encountered in my lifestyle, maybe some of these apply to you too...

  • If you do a lot of dirty work, or yard work, sometimes dirt and dust make get into your nose, irritating it a bit. However if you manage to clean it soon after, it shouldn't be a problem.

  • If you do ballet (haha imagine a punked out ballerina like me) 'spotting' or whipping your head around real fast, can sometimes cause it to move the slightest bit, resulting in the random nose-picking gesture you try to do discreetly.

  • If you dont keep it clean, it's likely you'll get the "anus-ear" smell.. yeah that smell you get on your finger tips when you scratch a crusty ear. Anyone who tries to tell you that septum piercings smell, obviously is not cleaning it. I'm very sensitive to smells, and I have not once encountered the anus-nose scent.

  • If you're hiding it for a long time, the piercing will feel like it healed upside down. since the ring is a U shape, when the time comes to flip it back down, it may feel uncomfortable. Same applies for the opposite, no that Im in college away from my parents, it is down all the time, and when I flip it back up, i feel like slightest sting.

  • As for a more common problem, colds and snot and boogers, haha. No it doesn't feel like a booger in your nose, and nothing gets caught on it. However, if you have a nasty cold, sometimes you'll feel the snot cling on to your ring (if its tucked up) and requires a little wiping off

  • And of course, crookedness... I dont mean if it was pierced crooked, I mean if you have a horse shoe and you touch your face and accidentally move it all the way to the side... it looks kind of dumb and you dont even realize it.

But assuming your not a yard-laboring ballerina, you should be fine! It's definitely a cute piercing, that can easily be hidden, and causes almost no problems or pain. =D


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on: 13 Oct. 2008
in Nose Piercing

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