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Feeling the sting.

The septum piercing was one of those piercing that intrigued me, from encyclopaedias to Documentaries of people from far out lands fuelling my curiosity.

It was also a piercing my family cannot abide, but it was defiantly on my list. They'd understand in time to come.

After fore filling all the other piercing I had wished to experience it was time to get my septum pierced.

It was a cold winters day, me and my flatmate decided to go grocery shopping and I'd been contemplating my septum piercing for awhile, so we decided to make the one trip into bedminster and get everything sorted. So off to tattoo time we went. Once we got there I was met as usual by trevor by now I already knew all the guys in the shop. He tells me that he can't stand doing septum's so dean volunteers. I'm now nervous.

I explained that I want a bent barbell used as I wanted something subtle, to break the parentals in with (I still love my parents no matter how conservative their views are, after all I'm only here today to complete my image because of what they started) so They find some jewellery and stick it in the autoclave. As we're waiting my flatmate has an urge to be pierced, he wants his lip pierced, he contemplated it then chickened out at the last moment. So it's time, we talk about placement and all that jazz, then it's time for me to lay down on the bench. In a matter of seconds the clamps on and we're ready to go, the needle touches my skin and my eyes turn into flowing rivers down my cheeks. It was such a sharp pain sharper than anything I've ever felt, It was like being sliced open with a scalpel.

Then the jewellery is placed in OUCH again. So I recover a tissue is handed to me I wipe my eyes and stand up against the advise of dean and I feel faint, I'm quickly told to lie on the bench in the shock position. Deans now asking if I heard the pop, I laugh I was far to busy listening to my body telling me I'm an idiot. so finally I get up pay my dues and we where on our way with a gaunt looking me.

We get to asda for the shopping and there it hits me a wave of jelly legs and faint headedness, so I sit down my flatmate gets me some sugary goodness wow I never expected this, a total new experience.

I got home and washed it in saline and proceeded to do so for about two weeks, at which point it seamed to be healed and I've had no problem since. I have a slight bit of scaring I can only feel and not see on the side of my nose.

I've currently got a horseshoe in although I feel it's far to big and I'm looking into putting a small barbell in, I defiantly don't want to loose it but would like something subtle.

I'm also lucky enough to have a great flatmate from nigeria whose currently travelling and has promised he will return with treasures of traditional tribal jewellery.

I'm currently thinking of stretching my septum just big enough to fit some straight plugs through it. Although I haven really looked into this enough. So get back to me with any advice you have please (:

Still my most striking modification has to be my stretched lobes, I defiantly get a fair share of comments and questions, and a normally positive reaction. But I'm defiantly most proud of my septum piercing. I am an urban warrior (:

My dad still thinks I'm an idiot but some things never change, my mum still asks me when I'm going to take it out but all in all they understand, this is me and I'm not going to change.

Now anybody know how to get rid of the smeg smell in my nose I wash it daily but if it's moved I have this horrible waft of nose cheese.

I can only imager how it must feel to have this done with a piece of bone at big gauges. I've gained a whole new respect for tradition in this light.

All in all I've had the most stress free experience with this piercing. It was great to experience a piercing so different too.

If you're thinking about this type of piercing I'd say once you weighed up the pros and cons of how society is going to view you and how those close to you are going to react go for it, it's a strightfoward process. Just take the usual advice go to a good artist, Look after it and most important of all LISTEN TO YOUR BODY.


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 13 Oct. 2008
in Nose Piercing

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Artist: Dean
Studio: Tattoo+Time
Location: Bristol+england

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