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Watery Eyes

Okay, well about a year ago now, I decided to skip my high school graduation and get a piercing instead. High school had been a total waste of my time, and I figured hey, why not go out with a bang? I had been toying with the idea of getting my septum done for a couple months... I really loved the idea that I could have this piercing that pretty much could be hidden away for work and such... I thought it was gorgeous, and extremely convenient for day-to-day living where some people tend to frown down upon body modification. Plus, it was a little out of character for me, considering most of my mods can be hidden easily under clothes due to my family's intense disapproval of anything out of the "norm".

Anyways! I recruited my extremely skeptical friend to come along with me, stating that he could laugh if I wussed out. So finally, after a latte and a good dinner, I went to Anchors, who had done some beautiful cover ups on me in the past and asked Mike if he felt like piercing me. Well, first I asked him if my septum could be pierced, since my nose had been broken a couple times in the past. After telling me of course it could be done, and why would I think it couldn't, I asked about pricing and then finally asked if he felt like doing it that night before they closed.

Anchors is an amazing studio: Very clean, everybody there is super chill and friendly, and generally don't bat an eye when you have an odd request or two. And I think he changed his gloves at least four times, if not more during the whole procedure! Oh and needless to say, everything was properly sterilized and came straight from the package... Brand spanking new and shiny!

The shop was completely empty, since I was like...6pm on a Thursday night, and most people were probably having dinner or had something better to do. So I filled out all the necessary paperwork, flipped through some of the magazines in the waiting room and generally just relaxed as Mike set up his tools before calling me over to his station.

He sat me down, and got straight to work cleaning me up. After swabbing the inside of each nose with some sort of antiseptic (god it stunk), he went straight to work marking my nose. It took a couple minutes to mark it out, and with blue sharpie ticks on my nose, I was ready to go. He's always been a really chill, down to earth guy, and while he was getting ready he totally put me at ease with his goofy nature, even when I told him I have a tendency to bleed when pierced, which made me a little nervous from time to time.

I thought he was lining everything up receiving-tube-wise when he was telling me a funny story about a girl who he had pierced earlier that day when WHAM! Just like that, he had pushed the needle through my nose when I least expected it, and I'm sure it was probably better that way. It didn't hurt so much as it stung like hell, and my eyes automatically started watering as he was standing there, needle still stuck into my nose. A quick jewelry insertion later, he flipped up the little stainless steel horseshoe, gave me a tissue for my watering eyes and sent me on my grinning way after some valuable aftercare instructions. I think I paid something like $60 and gave Mike a $20 tip...But only cause he's A) fantastic, and B) made it such an awesome experience. Plus I think he got me a couple lattes when I had long sittings in the past.

A year later, I still love the convenience of my septum. I flip it down when I'm out with friends, but I can keep it up for the more conservative crowd. The only problems I had were for the first few weeks of healing, when I kept waking up in the middle of the night, my face throbbing in pain, and eyes watering. (I guess I squish my face into my pillow while I sleep.) It was by far one of the easiest piercings to heal... Aside from blowing bubbles in salt water with my nose and cleaning of crusties, there wasn't much to do.

I was a little stupid for the first bit, and wanted to show off my new metal, which for the first month often resulted in some pain and eye watering as my fresh wound protested at being irritated...but other than that, it's amazing!

I would totally and completely recommend Anchors to anyone in the Burlington area looking for some quality work and a positive experience. As I said, its super clean, and fairly priced!

Happy bod modding!


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 28 Sept. 2008
in Nose Piercing

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Artist: Mike
Studio: Anchors+Tattoos
Location: Burlington%2C+Ontario

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