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The Septum Spectacular

Out of all of my previous piercings (2 daiths, 1 anti tragus, 1 tagus, 1 cartilage, 5 dermal anchors and a surface sternum) none have been on my face! Somewhere in my subconscious I had decided that facial piercings and I were just never meant to be, though I always found them unbelievably attractive. Apart from that I am also a Flute performance major so any piercings on, or in my mouth I cannot have and seeing as I don't particularly like eyebrow piercings I thought for sure I would NEVER get any beautiful metal in my face. Wrong.

While browsing through some pictures on BME I encountered a gorgeous picture of a septum piercing and fell in love. Something about the small Circular barbel that I had never noticed before. I decided that i wanted one of my own.

Friday, (that's September 5th 2008) I decided that it was time To add some of my beloved metal to my face. So on Monday the 8th I gathered up two of my closest friends and headed towards Fuzion Ink, my favorite studio EVER (It's HUGE with a gorgeous waiting room, some of the most talented tattoo artists i have ever met, and the single most awesome piercer on the planet, Pu Nastee). I walked in and told Pu that I wanted my Septum pierced. Being that I am a loyal customer Pu smiled and helped me pick out my beautiful Circular Barbel. I then went on to fill out the paperwork, I was so excited that my hands shook a little as I signed my name.

I sat in the luxurious waiting room with Alex and Collin and chatted for about 20 minutes while Pu prepared his room for my piercing. When the time finally came Pu reminded me that only one of my friends could come back with me, Naturally I chose Alex (one of my closest friends here at ODU).

Before we started the piercing Pu asked if he could take a picture of my chest piece that he had recently done to put in his portfolio for people to see (it really is gorgeous he did a FABULOUS job). Naturally i obliged and we spent about ten minutes finding good lighting for the pictures. After that was done we headed towards his piercing room (which is very well organized and extremely tidy).

I climbed onto the chair/bed/thing and put my head back Pu showed me my jewelry again and explained the procedure to me before beginning to fiddle around with my nose, cleaning it out and such (Q-tips and cotton balls, everyones favorite nose accessory!) After a few minutes of awkward nostril rubbing, poking and prodding Pu warned me that septum piercings often come out crooked, but fix themselves with a bit of your help within a month (he said you just kind of play with them and push them where they are supposed to go/be and they will start to migrate there, pretty cool). I nodded and he put the forceps in my nose.

Pu told me to take my usual deep breathe and as I let it out the needle went through. It didn't hurt at all though Alex squealed as if she was the one having a needle shoved through her nose, i did squish my face a little bit, a natural reaction I suppose as i do it every time. I began to tear up but not badly, it wasn't really a pain thing, more of a location thing than anything else. After the piercing was done Pu gave me my care sheet reminded me to saline clean it and to sea salt soak it to clean it out regularly and to try to keep it dry. I nodded and tipped him (always tip your piercer, especially if you go to Fuzion Ink!)

As I walked out of the room a ton of people asked me if it hurt and I laughed telling them that the eyeliner that had run into my eyes during the process had hurt WAY more then the actual piercing itself! they laughed and talked to me fora few minutes as i showed off my new piercing to the guys (and by the guys i mean employees and such that were hanging out and talking). After that Collin, Alex and I were on our way back to the dorms to show off my latest piece of metal. (with a stop at Mc Donalds on the way as I had promised my RA that i would bring him back some "Real Food")

It's been almost a week now and my septum is healing beautifully. It doesn't hurt at all (though occasionally there will be a burning sensation lasting no mare then a few seconds), and the care is far easier then I anticipated it to be (which is to say that it is far easier to heal then my anti-tragus was). I would seriously recommend going through with this piercing to anyone who wants it or like it, but is afraid it will hurt, its absolutely gorgeous and on a scale of 1 - 10 (10 being OH MY GOSH WHY!?) i would say it was a 2. My only suggestion would be not to wear eyeliner on the day you go to get it done!


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 28 Sept. 2008
in Nose Piercing

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Artist: Pu+Nastee
Studio: Fuzion+Ink
Location: Norfolk+Virginia

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