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Self Pierced Septum at 15

The story of how I pierced my own septum. I was 15 at the time and I'd had an aching for a septum piercing for a while, then one day a friend of mine had an idea that we should do it ourselves.

My friend and I met up in town where he bought us two 16g horse shoe rings, an 8mm for me and a 10mm for him, from the shop 'King of Rings' in Bendigo. Next we went on a search for 16g needles. We couldn't find anywhere that sold piercing needles, or 14g needles full stop; so our next resort was to buy four 14g nappy pins. Not exactly recommended and proberly a very stupid idea, seeming that nappy pins aren't made of the safest of metal for piercings. But still, we went ahead with our plan. The lady in the baby store proberly thought it was weird, two kids coming in and asking if they had any nappy pins, she would hate to know what we were using them for.

I went home with my new horse shoe ring and 14g nappy pin. First I went to the kitchen to get something to eat and drink. After I had eaten I then went up stairs to my room and sat down in front of my mirror to prepare, I had a bottle of antiseptic rubbing alcohol to clean everything and some vitamin E cream to use as a lubricant. I soaked the nappy pin with the rubbing alcohol and waited for it to dry. As it air-dried I cleaned the inside of my nose, both sides, with the rubbing alcohol and a fresh cotton swab for each nostril.

I felt in my nose and located my "sweet spot" as they call it (the bit between the cartilage and squishy fleshy bit), I wiped down the nappy pin again with the rubbing alcohol and a tissue, I then put the nappy pin to the spot, I double checked the position and held the other side of my nose for support and gently pushed. It was really hard to get it through, it only broke a tiny layer of skin at a time, (maybe because it wasn't a hollow needle, and because it was more like stretching), I put some vitamin E cream on the nappy pin and tried again, except this time I got half way through and I sneezed sending snot and liquid everywhere. I took the nappy pin out again and I cleaned up everything again and put more vitamin E cream on the nappy pin and tried AGAIN.

It took a lot of pushing, pressure and pain but eventually it just slid through. (I had heard that it was going to make a "pop" sound but alas no popping) I just grinned. When I get piercings I go all red and hot so I walked around my house for a bit, just relaxing, trying to calm myself and cooling down, I drank some cold water (and I also teased my sister while I looked like some tribal person from the Amazon). After I had calmed down, I went back up stairs to my room, cleaned the ring, put some vitamin E cream on it. I then removed the nappy pin from my nose, and inserted the ring as gently as I could. I spent a long time fumbling with the little ball, I dropped it so many times, but finally got it on and I just stood there admiring my hard work. I absolutely loved this little shiny thing hanging from my nose. Unfortunately my friend didn't do his and I suffered alone for a couple of weeks with a swollen and painful nose. I also spent my boyfriend's whole party looking lik e I was picking my nose. I had to flip it up for school and because my parents don't know. Its been 6 months and they still don't know that I have it done.

I love love love my septum because really I think the septum is the best piercing, it can easily be hidden or shown off whenever you like, its like a secret, no one has to know you have it, and you get to choose who see's it. I think that more people should get septum piercings, so they aren't as "frowned" upon and so that they are more widely accepted.

I religiously cleaned it twice a day with salt water til it was fully healed.

I went with a friend to get his septum done, he wouldn't let me in the room, but he said it hurt and his eyes watered up. Not exactly the same reaction as me, but hey we're all different right?

So that's my story, I don't exactly condone all self piercings, ear and septum but pretty much leave it at that. If you do self pierce use proper equipment and make sure everything is CLEAN and good luck.


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 28 Sept. 2008
in Nose Piercing

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