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Re-pierced Septum. 2nd Time is a Charm

I first considered getting my septum pierced about a year ago. At the time I was only 17 and had to wait until my birthday in January. The septum was so appealing to me because I could hide it. Neither of my parents would approve, nor would my work. My birthday rolled around and I read up as much as I could on septum piercings. I read everything I could find on BME and found many different things. I consider myself to have a relatively high pain tolerance so I figured I would be fine. Now I just had to plan a day that would work.

A good weekend came around and I decided to go to a local shop called M&M Tattooing to get it done. My girlfriend came with me mainly because she wanted to watch. Upon arriving at the shop I looked around a bit and filled out the necessary paperwork and was introduced to the piercer. The shop was divided into office-like cubicles. I picked out the jewelry I wanted. I picked out a 14g circular barbell. I asked very specifically if I would be able to flip it up to hide it and the piercer said yes. So I was taken back and seated in a dentist type chair. The piercer cleaned out the inside of my nose with what smelled like Listerine. He felt around and tugged for my "sweet spot" and clamped it down.  He showed me the piercing needle which didn't look to bad, told me to take a breath, and pushed it through. I knew it wasn't going to hurt much but I didn't know that I literally wouldn't be able to feel it. My eyes did water a bit but mainly from the clamps. He put the CBB in and sc

rewed the ball on then gave me a mirror to look at it. I again asked if I'd be able to flip it up and he told me yes but to wait a while to do it. So I went home to enjoy my piercing.

I was surprised at how much I could feel it swing back and forth whenever I moved my head. When I got home I sat around for a few hours until I decided to try to flip it up. So I went upstairs with my girlfriend and tried to do it. The balls were too close together and my septum was too large for it to go up. My heart sank. My parents could not see me with a piece of metal in my face. I kept trying a bit to flip it up and it just wouldn't work. I thought about trying to bend it apart in my nose but I just had visions of something slipping and me jerking it and tearing something so I didn't. Instead I took the piercing out, which I almost couldn't do because the balls seemed to be cemented onto the bar. I finally got one loose and took it out. I was very disappointed.

Several months went by until September when I started college. My girlfriend decided she wanted to get her sternum pierced so we decided she should go to a shop that definitely knew what they were doing. We went to The Warrior in Philadelphia. She got her piercing and everything went well. While we were we both agreed we liked the shop a lot and I happened to look at the different types of jewelry they could put in a septum, I saw the little horseshoe retainer and liked it a lot. It turned out they could put it in the initial piercing, M&M had told me they could not. So there I was again, wanting to get my septum pierced. I went home and re-looked everything up and got familiar with the information again. The next week I came home for the weekend and we went back to The Warrior. I went through a similar process as before except the piercer was much more sociable. I chose to have it done with a black retainer. He got me situated and clamped my septum done and put the needle r

ight through no problem. I wouldn't say there was more "pain" than the first time I think "sensation" is a better word. He explained to me all the aftercare and I checked it out in the mirror and it looked good.

So that day I went home with my freshly re-pierced septum. I was able to flip it up no problem and successfully hide it from my parents. I loved it. Healing is going great. No crusties at all, no pain, no bleeding, just a little bit of tenderness if I push on my nose really hard. I clean it twice a day. In the morning I fill up the sink with warm water and stick my nose in it and blow bubbles. I then flip it down, since I sleep with it up, and use q-tips to move it around a bit. I also use Ivory soap that I was given by the shop and lather it up really well then slide it back and forth to get inside the piercing clean as well. After I do all this I wash everything well and dry it with clean tissues. At night I get in the shower and let water pool in my hands and blow bubbles then lather my fingers up and stick them up my nose to get the soap in there good. I then move the piercing around and dry it off when I get out. Pretty simple. I guess I'm pretty lucky with how everythi

ng has gone. I plan on gauging it after a few more weeks of healing. Overall I'm very happy with my septum piercing.


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 28 Sept. 2008
in Nose Piercing

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Artist: John
Studio: The+Warrior
Location: Philadelphia%2C+PA

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