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Nose piercings rock!

So, I've been nagging my mom to let me get a piercing for a really long time. Well, I already had my ears and cartilage done, but I wanted a REAL piercing. First, I tried for nose. No-go, I was only 12. I tried for belly button, she said yes, and then that fell through. I decided I didn't want it. I tried for lip...uh-uh. Then, I tried for tongue. For a LONG time. Eventually she said yes, but I had been scared about it because it could mess up my singing. Then I wanted my eyebrow done, but I'm only 14 and my face is still growing and eyebrow piercings have a tendency to migrate. So, only a couple days after I decided against tongue and eyebrow, I settled back on nostril. Both my parents think it's elegant and pretty, and I was ecstatic!

We called a few different places to find somewhere that would pierce a 14 year old, WITH her mother there. I wanted to go to Saint Sabrina's Parlor in Purgatory, but they won't pierce anyone under 16. Then, finally, we found a place called B Cool Tattoo and Body Piercing. As long as you have parental consent, they don't really care how old you are.

I walked in, and the place was very clean looking. The staff definitely all knew what they were talking about. It's walk-ins only, so there were people getting pierced when we got there so we waited and looked through pictures of tattoos.

Finally they sent me back. The piercer, Jessy, I think? Anyway, she was really nice, very talkative, and made me feel quite comfortable. We talked about rings versus studs, and eventually I decided to go with a ring. She said that rings have to be placed a little lower than studs, but I'm okay with that. I think I'll wear a ring pretty much until I'm done with the piercing. She talked me through cleaning and aftercare, and then my mom decided to bring up my cartilage piercing, which wasn't doing so well. She changed the jewelry for me, (which actually hurt more than the nose piercing), because the crap from Piercing Pagoda that I'd had in was really pissing my body off. She told me to use sea salt soaks for that, too.

By the way, DON'T go to Piercing Pagoda. My piercing from there is at this crazy angle, it's almost vertical.

She marked my nose, showed me the place, and I agreed. Kind of just for the sake of agreeing, I figured she knew more about where it would look good than I would. Then she rubbed this stuff that didn't smell good on my nose, and asked me to close my eyes so I wouldn't flinch when I saw the needle coming. In a second, the needle was through my nose. It stung a little bit. She left the needle in for a little and kind of twisted it around while she was grabbing the jewelry, my friend said, but I didn't notice. It didn't hurt. Some people say the jewelry going through hurts more, but for me it didn't. I was glad the worst part was over.

I immediately jumped up to look at it, and I loved it! Jessy was great, and I'll definitely go back for my next piercing.

After about one minute, the piercing stopped hurting, but I was still aware of my nose. After maybe 10 minutes, probably less, I stopped even being more aware of it than I normally am. Cool!

BUT, after a couple weeks, I got a little lazy with the washes. I didn't do them as much as I should have. There's now a little red bump right above the piercing, but I've been doing soaks a lot and it's almost gone. Also, something that helps me, is to get the piercing a little wet, and then just stick a couple grains of sea salt to it and leave them on for a bit, while you go around doing other things. Then wash it off.

I'm very pleased with my nose piercing, it's gorgeous! It may be a little unoriginal, but for a good reason. It's pretty. I get a lot of complements on it. It's a good conversation starter.

Oh, and because I need more words, and all my old relatives asked me this:

It's NOT that hard to blow your nose. Sure, it takes a little more effort than it normally would, but it's not a big deal. Nothing to take into account when you're deciding whether to get a nose piercing.

Totally go to B-Cool if you're a young piercing enthusiast in that Twin Cities. Actually, because my parents are divorced, my ID doesn't match my moms. I forgot about that when we went, but they didn't even mention it. Haha. But it really is a clean, nice studio.


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 28 Sept. 2008
in Nose Piercing

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Artist: Jessy
Studio: B-Cool+Tattoo+and+Body+Piercing
Location: Saint+Paul%2C+MN

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