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My Super Sneaky Septum

Basically, I'm a piercing junkie. So far I've had my lip pierced, a nostril piercing, a tri-navel piercing, 10 in my ears [including tragus, rook, a 10mm tunnel and an industrial], and the most recent, my lovely septum piercing. So yes, as you can see in my short life I've had quite a lot of work done...

But I'd never even thought about getting my septum pierced until a few months ago. I'd always thought of it as a bit extreme and well, not exactly a pretty piercing. All that changed about 5 months ago when I saw a picture of the alternative model Audrey Kitching with a septum piercing. I wasn't even looking for piercings, I was trying to find a picture of a hairstyle I wanted. But as soon as I saw it I thought it looked quite nice. So I started researching it on websites like BME and looking at more pictures of it and watching videos of people getting septum piercings on YouTube. That was when I realised that I really, really wanted this piercing.

After a weeks deliberation, and placing an earring on my septum to see how it would look, I was certain that I was going to get my septum pierced. I'd begun to love the idea! At first I thought it might make my face a bit over crowded with the metal but I thought so what? I could always take it out if I didn't like it or flip it up inside my nose.

So the day came. I hadn't exactly planned getting it pierced on that day, my friend Elisa wanted to go into to town so I was going anyway. It wasn't until I checked my balance in my bank that I wanted to get it that day. I'd heard of Holier Than Thou, but never got pierced there. I don't tend to stick to one specific piercer, I like checking out other places and other piercers. It makes the experience different every time.

We started walking up to the shop and I couldn't stop talking about how awesome it was going to look and how I was dreading the pain, nervous chatter I guess. We reached the door but I couldn't go in. All the doubts started rushing back into my mind but I said to myself, "just go for it!". So after a lot of deep breaths I finally stepped through the door.

The place was almost empty, with only one other person in there. I walked up to the counter and was happy to see the girl behind it with her septum pierced, so I asked her if they did septum piercings with retainers, since I was still in school and had my GCSE's coming up the next week and my school is the strictest about jewellery of any kind. Plus I didn't want my mum or dad to see it, when I brought the subject up they both said pretty much the same thing, "Why the fk would you want to look like a bull!? That's disgusting!" (no I didn't just add the swearing for effect!)

Anyway, she told me that they do and she showed me the price chart. It was £25 which isn't too bad, I've had piercings that weren't as big cost way more than that. So I said okay and handed over the cash. I was given a form to fill out, name date of birth, piercing and medical history...the usual. By now I was terrified! I'd heard so many people say it was one of the most painful piercings and that it could go wrong so easily. I asked the girl about her's and she said that it really didn't hurt that much, no worse than nostril piercings. This was comforting as I didn't think that my nostril piercing hurt at all.

The door behind the counter opened and the piercer walked out. I'm sorry I really can't remember his name so I'm just going to refer to him as 'the piercer'. He seemed friendly enough and asked what I wanted doing. The girl at the counter told him that I wanted a standard gauge (1.6) septum with a retainer. He told me he'd be ready in a minute, smiled and went back through the door.

The nerves were still pumping as the seconds ticked away, but I told myself that I couldn't wuss out now. The piercer popped his head through the door and asked me in to the room. It looked very clean and organised. The oh so familiar smell of disinfectant rushed up my nose and I could see every type of jewellery stacked in organised drawes along with all the equpiment, so I knew this place was going to be good.

He told me to sit up on the bench, which simple as it sounds, is pretty hard for me since I'm only 5'2" and the bench was high! So I clambered up and noticed the tray next to me with all the equipment on it, now I wouldn't say I'm scared of needles because I'm type 1 diabetic so I've had to inject myself 4 times a day for most of my life, but this needle sent shivers up my spine. It was big!

I tried to hide my fear as he explained everything to me step by step. He put on the rubber gloves that for some reason always remind me of the dentist [shudder] and told me that before anything he needed to feel inside my nose to find the best placement. It was definitely odd having someone shove their fingers up my nose but it's all part of the experience. He told me that my septum would be easy to pierce and told me that the next bit was horrible as he cleaned either side of my septum with an antiseptic wipe, which smelt so strong. The he marked two dots inside my nose with a toothpick dipped in ink, obviously I wouldn't be able to see up my nose so he said that it was just a point of reference for him. He changed his gloves and placed the tray closer to him. It shocked me a little when he next said that he doesn't use clamps for septum piercings because it makes them more painful, that made me so nervous, I'd never had a piercing done without clamps (except the early stan dard ear lobes I had years ago with the gun), but I could tell this guy knew what he was talking about. But still, I told him that I was scared, better now than when he's just about to shove a massive needle through my nose! He was so nice and reassured me that I would be fine, and what the girl said before, that it didn't hurt that much. He told me to take as much time as I wanted to calm myself but I told him to just get on with it, waiting and thinking about it for much longer would give my nerves another chance to reach their limit.

So I closed my eyes as tight as I could when he brought the needle up. Instead of clamps he said that he was going to use the plastic covering the needle to guide it so he pulled the plastic over the tip of the needle and put it where he placed the first dot. My heart was pounding so fast and my knuckles were white squeezing the edges of the bench. He told me to take a deep breath in and he counted to three. On three he pushed the needle through and told me to breath out. HONESTLY, they were so right! It really didn't hurt that much, the pain was just as if someone was pinching my septum with nails, but not too hard. The worse part of it was that I could feel the needle going through each layer of skin which wasn't very nice but it was over in a matter of seconds. I opened my eyes, when he told me the needle was through, and they started watering like mad, I really should've worn waterproof mascara and eyeliner, but oh well. He reached for the jewellery which was shaped like
a little metal 'U' and I think he took out the needle before inserting the retainer. That probably hurt more than the piercing itself, but still just a sharp pinch. He asked me if I was feeling okay, if I needed any water or if I felt dizzy at all. I was fine so he told me to hop down and look at it in the mirror on the wall. I could just see the ends of the retainer poking out of my nostrils. They were pressing pretty tight against my septum but I guessed it was swollen. It looked so cute! Even without a ring or a CBB through it I loved it! He told me get back up on the bench and lie down so he could turn the retainer up inside my nose. I didn't want to stop looking at it but I knew I had to hide it for school. I lay down on my back as he changed his gloves again and cleaned away any blood around the fresh hole. He told me that it was going to feel a little uncomfortable and weird turning the retainer and that it might hurt slightly. I tipped my head back so he could see cl early up my nose and he flipped up the retainer. He was right, it did feel weird, but not painful. I sat up and my nose suddenly felt like it was completely blocked or like I was about to have a huge nosebleed.

I hopped down and thanked the piercer, I was so happy I couldn't stop smiling. He opened the door for me and I walked back into the waiting room. The girl at the counter immediately asked "how was it?". I told her it was fine, just felt a bit weird and she went though aftercare and told me about slight problems she had with hers, like just touching the end of her nose felt like she's been punched and hers did bleed quite a bit for the fist few days. I was prepared, she handed me an aftercare sheet stating loads of different cleaning techniques. My friend was anxiously waiting on the couch, I tried to show her but she said all she could see was a tiny bit of silver and a lot of dried blood. I thanked the piercer again and the girl at the counter as I took a leaflet stating all their prices as I left. I still couldn't believe I had just got my septum pierced!

So it's been about three months since I got it pierced and it healed fine, and probably faster than any other piercing I've had. I managed to hide it from school and got through my exams without anyone discovering it and blabbing to the teachers. The only problems I had with it was the morning after I got it pierced I bent down to stroke my dog but he jumped up at the same time and his head hit my nose, which hurt like hell! I bumped it a few times after that and I got a cold with a very runny nose which I thought would make it infected but it seemed to make it heal faster. I loved how no one knew, it was so secret and sneaky. I could move the retainer up and down easily after 2 or 3 days and I changed it to a BCR a month after. But I couldn't clip the ball back in place so I have a ring with a gap in it now which is great because I can still flip it up and down all the time. Of course, coming clean to the parents was scary. I'd kept it secret from them for 2 months so I deci ded to tell them, they'd find out sooner or later anyway. So I just made them play the guessing game by telling them that I had 17 piercings altogether and they had to guess where they were. My mum started freaking out going through all the, well more "intimate" piercings , so she was glad I didn't have anything like that done. But when I flipped my septum ring down, she gave me the "I'm not mad, just disappointed" look, which is so much worse, I think she was glad that I didn't have my nipples or anywhere below the belly button pierced and now she doesn't mind too much about it. She's never been happy with any of my piercings but she soon comes to accept them.

I absolutely LOVE my septum piercing, if I feel like having it up then I can just flip the ring inside my nose and if I feel like having it down I can just flip it down, it's awesome. I can hide it if I want to, but I show it off as much as I can. It's the perfect sneaky piercing! I do get funny looks off a lot of people and the local chavs love to shout stuff about it at me, but they've always shouted insults and thrown a few punches at me, just because I look a bit extreme, but I'm used to it. People can either accept me or hate me it's their choice. Anyway, it's healed perfectly and I'm thinking of going back to Holier Than Thou and asking them to fit another BCR in it so I can show it off with pride, which won't make it so sneaky anymore, but oh well...

If anyone's considering getting their septum pierced, I highly recommend it! And if anyone reading this lives in the Greater Manchester area, I really do recommend going to Holier Than Thou, it's my favourite piercing studio at the moment. I managed to keep mine a secret for 2-3 months so it's easily hidden for school/college/work/whatever reason, and it really didn't hurt me that much. My whole perspective of septum piercings has changed, from hating them to loving them and now I think they're beautiful!


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on: 28 Sept. 2008
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