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My second go round of getting my nose pierced

My first nose piercing didn't go so well. I am prone to keloids and of course, that's exactly what happened and I got so frustrated that I just took it out. I did everything I thought I could do and it felt as if it was never going to go away!! I felt as if getting piercings was a lost cause for me because I lost a beloved industrial to keloids as well and I almost gave up hope.

But about a month ago, I got the urge for a piercing. piercings are so addictive! I loved the way the nose stud looked on my nose. It made me feel free and I felt as if it completed me somehow. It made me feel free spirited. I was tired of looking plain and ordinary so I planned for another nose piercing.

We went on a little mini vacation to Myrtle Beach, SC and I decided to try a piercing studio there. Big mistake! Everyone seemed as if they were trying to make an extra dollar off of you and that they weren't concerned about the piercing procedure in itself. One of the guys barely spoke any English what-so-ever. The other guy wanted to charge me almost $100! Needless to say, I laughed in his face! All of the other places just looked very shady and had pictures of pierced, almost underage looking girls covering the walls. I would recommend not going to some tourist attraction place to get pierced because I guess they were set up mostly for drunk teenage tourists that decide to get brave and get a piercing at the last second, waking up wondering what the hell happened the next day. I decided it was a no go and I would wait until I could go somewhere else.

When we got back home, I was very frustrated. The only reputable piercing place in my town was out of the question. Last time the manager pierced my nose for me at a discount because the other piercer had made a rude, sexual comment towards me that made me really uncomfortable, and he had it too tight. This resulted in a keloid and my nose was literally trying to swallow the piercing. I went back up there and he refused to try to adjust it for me so I could be comfortable. He was very rude and unprofessional and even got loud and wanted to argue with my husband over it. my husband was clearly just trying to make me comfortable because he knew I was in a lot of pain. I decided I was never going back there again. When this happened, I called up Knotty Headz because I have heard good things about them. The girl said she would do it for me and we were on our way. She took it out, adjusted it really quickly and put it right back in. Sadly, the damage had already been done though.
She was very pleasant though and knowledgable and so this is how I decided I would go there again to get my nose pierced again.

We called to see if they were open because it was Labor Day and they were. We made the drive which was about 45 minutes but very worth it. They answered any questions I had and were very professional and clean and nice. I was very pleased. I ended up picking out a little light blue stud, since blue is my favorite color. I was a little disappointed that they were out of the clear but I was happy with the blue color. She marked my nose and let me look in the mirror to OK it. I said it was fine and she told me to take a deep breath and when I went to let it out, she would pierce it. I knew what to expect as far as pain went and of course, it made my eye water a little as it was pierced but it was fine after that. I looked in the mirror and it was perfect! It made my nose tickle just a little but it looked so pretty I didn't even care!

I went back a week later for an adjustment because she left it long for me since I am prone to keloids. She was very fast about it and the pain was next to nothing. I bought some more h2Ocean, which is AWESOME by the way, and was on my way! I had a tiny tiny amount of blood afterwards but it was nothing. My piercing is doing perfect and I am very happy with it and will be going back to Knotty Headz for my next piercing!

If you ever want a nose piercing, go for it! Bring out your inner goddess! Just please, for everyone's sake, do not get a hoop! =P


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 28 Sept. 2008
in Nose Piercing

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Studio: Knotty+Headz
Location: Cola%2C+SC

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