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My first piercing!

I had wanted too get my septum pierced for a long while before I finally went and got it done. I would say don't try it your self just don't do it. I tried DIY once and it did not work out for me so I decided after that I would just get it professionally done. So one night while I was at home bored I called a local studio and asked the man who answered the phone how much it would cost me too get my septum done. He said it would cost me fifty dollars.

At the time I did not have a job so I went around asking people if I could do anything for pay. About a month later and 10 miscellaneous jobs later I had the fifty dollars. So I went up too The House Of Ink a local tattoo/piercing shop and asked them if I could get my septum done right then and there. It turns out that they only have/had one piercer who could perform a septum and it was his day off. So I asked them what day he would be back and they told me the next five days would be fine.

So I waited two or three days and I drove back up there. My little sister wants too come with me so I let her. I asked if I could get it done that day and if my sister could come back and watch me get it done, they said yes. So I filled out all the paper work and the piercer took me into the back. He sat me down in one of those reclined piercing chairs and started too clean the inside of my nose. He then continued by asking me at what size I preferred too get it pierced at. I contemplated a minute and told him I was going too get it done at a twelve gauge. He then asked if I wanted a ring with a ball or without the ball. I told him without the ball because I had too go too a wedding in about a week . So once he was done cleaning and prepping my nose he took his fingers and started feeling around for the "Sweet spot" it felt somewhat funny while he was doing it. Once he had located the spot where he was going too pierce it he took a hollow tube and the needle and got ready too shove it through. No he did not use clamps which was fine with me because I trusted him enough. So once he was ready he asked me if I was ready and I replied with an anxious yes. He told me too take a deep breath and then too let it out. So I did as he asked and when I let it out he shoved it through.

Once he had it through my eyes started watering terribly and I started too laugh out loud. He gave me a weird look and started laughing as well. He then proceeded by pulling the needle through following through with the ring. I asked him again if I could flip it up in my nose. He told me I could but not too do it too often because it will get irritated. He then gave me a sheet of paper with aftercare instructions. He told that I should salt soak it at least once a day preferably twice a day if not three times. At that point my sister budged through so she could see it. She though I was crying cause it hurt but yet I was laughing. I told her I was fine and not too worry. He then told me a story of how he pierced his one day because he enjoyed them and went home and his girlfriend told him that if he did not take it out she'd leave him. He asked her why and she replied with "If I wanted a bull I'd go out in the field and get me one." I though it was quite funny. So me and my si ster went home and I did as he told me with salt soaks at least twice a day sometimes more. In a month I could take out the ring I had in it and switch it out with a new one. At a month and a half I moved up a size to a 10 gauge. I'm now currently at a 6g and as happy as can be with my septum I plan on getting it too at least a 0 if not a double 0 gauge. But I would say if you're considering getting your septum pierced too do it. It's on of the least painful piercings you can get in my opinion and it looks great. But then again pain is different for everyone so have fun if you decided too do it!


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 28 Sept. 2008
in Nose Piercing

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Studio: House+Of+Ink
Location: Hollister+MO

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