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I don't know who this is more awkward for?

My septum! :) being my third facial piercing I must admit I was way more nervous getting this one then my labret or tongue. So like most people I use to hate the way septum piercings looked, I used to think "who would want to look like a freaking bull?!" but then they started to grow on me after I got my tongue pierced.

Anywho getting to the actual experience....It was friday August 29th the day before my brithday and my parents had promised me I could get another piercing, after wanting my septum pierced for about 3 months I decided I would finally get it. So after I got home from school my mom was ready to take me to ink rush to get my piercing by my favorite piercer,Dane. As usual there was a line when we got there most for people wanting tattoos so I was glad that I wouldn't really have to wait that long since Dane wasn't the only artist working.

As I was looking at some pictures I heard a familiar voice ask "can I help you?" it was Dale, the other artist. I told him what I wanted and he filled out the paperwork, copied me and my moms ID and told me there was only two people ahead of me that were getting pierced. I sat down on the huge bench and started texting my friends to let them know where I was and what I was about to do.

After about 10 mintues Dane came in and said "ok im ready for you now" ha it always makes me laugh when he says that. I got up and followed him into the room, he already had everything ready. He told me to sit down on the dentist like chair as he put new gloves on. He started making jokes about my previous visit when I had gotten my tongue pierced, he then layed the chair flat and told me to lean my head over the top. So basically my head was inbetween his legs. I kinda gave him a strange look and then he laughed and said " I don't know who this is more awkward for, you or me?" I laughed rather hard at that mainly because I was so nervous and I was trying quite hard to calm myself down. Dane started poking around in my nose and then cleaned it with this jel stuff that smelled very strongly and made it hard for me to breath. After it dried he dipped two toothpicks in ink and started marking the placements, he kept lining the toothpicks up with each other to make sure that the
markings were completely straight. After he was satisfied with the placements he got the needle ready, Dane doesn't use clamps, he free hands them which i find alittle odd but i completely trust him.

I was fidgeting alittle and I suppose he noticed it as he asked me if I would sing him a song. haha I replied "uhm no I'm not really in a singing mood?". So then he changed the subject to dancing and out of now where he goes ready and then starts to jab the needle through my nose. I'm not going to lie it stung like crazy! it didn't really hurt but there was a sharp pain that lasted for about 2 seconds after that I didn't feel anything else, but my eyes were watering severley!. It was over with in about a minute he corked the end of the needle to make sure it didn't fall out while he got the jewlrey ready. He told me to sit up slowly and when I saw myself in the mirror with a needle just hanging in my nose I had to laugh. It was quite uncomfortable as he put the jewlrey in but not painful. He then told me that I was the first minor he had ever pierced a septum on, he took a picture of it then explained the aftercare to me.

we walked into the main room so I could pay Dane and buy some H2ocean spray. As I walked up to the counter I heard a heavily tattooed man say " man that girl has guts, I'm sure she's going to have some amazing tattoos when she's older" that made me quite happy to hear that :)

So it's been a week since i've had it pierced and I absolutely love it!!!

it hasn't really been to sore and since the swellings gone down the jewlrey has been sliding quite easily

but in a month I can change it to something smaller :D

If you want your septum pierced then you should totally do it! it's deffinately worth it and if your ever in the carroll county area in georgia you should stop by ink rush :)


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 28 Sept. 2008
in Nose Piercing

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Artist: Dane
Studio: Ink+Rush
Location: C-town+Georgia.

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