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Hot Damn- Lucky Break [septum]

Quick and easy- it all started when one of my closest friends got her septum pierced with about a month or two left of school last year. I saw it, I loved it and I wanted to follow suit. Finally the time rolled around that had a convenient spot for me to get pierced- a time came during the summer when I came home from a friend's, was home for three days, then left on a trip with the same friend. I got it done on the 2nd day home while I was "out to lunch" with some of my newly graduated friends.

I went in to Taxi Taxi in Houston- being underage, my heart almost stopped when I was asked for ID (the friend who recommended the place had also been underage, but she hadn't been asked). I came up with the worst lie in the world (driver's license left at home), and so Mickey said "Okay. Then try to fill this form out to the best of your abilities". Weeelll Senora Fortuna decided not to be a fickle bitch- Mickey couldn't find the form. Totally off the record, I just paid my $65 in cash and went back into The Vault to get pierced.

To throw this in there, don't get an underage piercing if you're not willing to face the wrath of your parents. When people say, "do your homework", there's an extra step for any of the under 18 crowd; think about viable arguments to present to your parents when you get caught. It's not an "if" you get caught. It's a "when". Always. Anyone who tells you otherwise either got outrageously lucky, or is bullshitting you.

Mickey decided to pierce it freehand, as I recall. There wasn't a whole lot of pain, but I did cry a tiny, tiny bit :). I've got a reasonably high pain tolerance- I didn't cry when I tore my ACL, which is apparently a fairly painful thing to do. He told me to look at the ceiling, breathe in, and as I breathed out, he slid the needle into my nose. I felt a tiny pop as the needle broke the skin and immediately wondered what the big deal was. Holy shit- then the needle started to go through and the tears started creeping down my cheeks. He told me to stop crying (jokingly, mind you) and apologized for hurting me. Super nice- he poked fun at me, because I bled a little, but he put the jewelry in, cleaned me up, and taught me how to flip it up my nose (for my job, so he thought!).

I managed to hide it easily during the remainder of my time at home, but since I heal quickly, the swelling went down super quickly, and my piercing became far more visible than it had been previously, especially once I was out of the house and in cooler weather in Nantucket. I went surfing and swimming with it, and it didn't have any issues. I rubbed the typical crusties off with a cotton ball soaked in warm water, and then followed it with some hydrogen peroxide. It's only bled once since, when the skin was extremely dry from surfing earlier in the day.

My parents saw it the day I got home- oh joy. They asked me where I got it, and when. My mom immediately knew it must've happened when I'd been "out to lunch", and both parents (and a godparent) expressed how stupid they thought I was for doing it. Compared to a tattoo though, I think they're glad that I got something easy to hide and impermanent. Fortunately, they're allowing me to keep it, and I think they've grown accustomed to it. The only problems I've had with it is that the threaded ball on the end of the curved barbell I have in likes to come loose and pop off- first at dinner with the family (awkward, but hilarious), and most recently, in the shower a few days ago. I need to go get it replaced, but I'm contemplating just getting a new ring.

I've found that the ability to hide it varies with each person's nose, as well as where the piercing is placed. Since mine is still reasonably visible from the side, I've invested in a clear monofilament polyamide staple retainer (clear and flexible! The same material that non-absorbable sutures are made from) so that I can play basketball with it, and escape the questions of "what's that shiny shit in your nostril?"

In the short of it, I'd recommend Taxi Taxi [especially Mickey! SUPER nice guy!] to anyone. I got insanely lucky since I didn't have to provide ID or fill out a form, but be prepared to be declined- I wasn't, and it scared the shit out of me.

Feel free to email me if you've got questions!



submitted by: Anonymous
on: 28 Sept. 2008
in Nose Piercing

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Artist: Mickey
Studio: Taxi+Taxi
Location: Houston%2C+TX

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