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First Facial Piercing

I got my septum pierced on a lark. It honestly was a last minute decision, but one I'm glad I made.

Let me start by saying that I only recently became fond of septum piercings. I used to find them odd, awkward, & unattractive, & I used to say that they made people look like bulls. Maybe something in me changed, or maybe I've just been meeting a lot of people for whom a septum piercing really works. Either way, I decided that I wanted one.

A septum piercing is the ideal facial piercing for me for many reasons. First off, like most places of employment, mine isn't thrilled when its employees have metal sticking out of their faces, so having a piercing that can be oh so easily hidden is a must. Second, & most importantly, I'm planning on pursuing a career as a theatre actress someday, so having a piercing that can be easily hidden & won't leave any visible scars is definitely wonderful.

I wasn't planning to end up with a septum piercing on August 23, 2008, but somehow I did. The boyfriend & I were out & about, going wherever we wanted, making way too many impulse purchases, & stopping for food at various restaurants. We had someplace to be at 8pm, but around 6:30pm, we found ourselves right where we needed to be, but an hour & a half early. So we're driving around, wasting time, & my boyfriend says, "Hey, isn't this the area where you got your tattoo?"

Sure enough, we were in the general vicinity of the tattoo parlor where'd I gotten my second tattoo back in February. I don't know what I hoped to gain by going back there again, since I didn't have an appointment or any idea of what I'd want if & when I got another tattoo, but I told him that we should go back to the parlor.

We drove for a bit more, looking for anything that was familiar (neither of us have a very good memory, so we weren't quite sure what street it was on). Then, we turned onto a different street, & there was a tattoo parlor. Not the one that had supplied me with the second of my two tattoos, mind you, but a tattoo parlor nonetheless. I pulled into the parking lot, still not sure what I was doing or what I would get, if anything. When I saw the words "Walk-Ins Welcome" on the door of American Pride Tattoos, I parked the car & in we walked.

I don't remember the name of the bald, friendly man who greeted us, but I do remember the spider web tattoos covering his face. He asked if he could help us, & I told him quite plainly that I'd walked in there on a lark, & didn't know if I wanted anything. On the wall behind him was a sign advertising their piercing prices, & although I knew of another place where I could get it done for $30 cheaper, I decided to opt for the $55 septum piercing. In order to sweeten the deal, Mr. Spider Web offered to give me $10 off, which only made me more eager. After I signed the necessary paperwork, picked out the retainer I wanted to use, & purchased a bottle of piercing after-care solution, I realized there was no turning back & that I was getting my septum pierced, whether I changed my mind or not.

The artist, who I'm pretty sure is named Jay, was just finishing up a tattoo for another woman, so the boyfriend & I waited in the lobby. I didn't feel nervous, but my sweaty palms said otherwise. I wasn't worried about how permanent it would be, because not only do I have tattoos, which are much more permanent than piercings, but I knew that if I hated it, I could take out the ring & let it heal up, & not have to worry about any visible scarring. What was making my hands so sweaty was wondering & worrying about how much it would hurt.

When Jay finally said he was ready, I walked over to the chair, simultaneously eager & nervous. He got to work right away, marking the inside of my nose with a Sharpee, & clamping the little scissor-clamp thing on. After I'd ok'd the placement, he grabbed the needle & placed it gently against my septum. I must have seemed nervous, because he said, "It's ok, I'll tell you when." A second or two later he said, "All right...take a deep breath." And I did.

Now, I'm not a wimpy girl. I'm pretty tough. I can handle a good amount of pain without batting an eye. But this, the having-a-huge-ass-needle-jammed-through-my-septum thing, was probably the worst pain I'd ever felt. Seriously. I clenched my boyfriend's hand, I screamed, my eyes watered. Oh my god. The paaaaain. I exaggerate not. It fucking HURT.

Once it was over, Jay asked me, "If you'd known that it was going to feel like that, would you still have wanted it?" I said yes. I probably lied.

Jay cleaned me up & gave me some after-care pointers. Then he showed me how to flip the retainer into my nose & hide it. Then we said our goodbyes, & the boyfriend & I were on our merry way.

Even after the excruciating pain, I'm still glad I did it. I really like it, & I really like how no one knows I have it unless I tell them. As far as I can tell, it's healing nicely, & it doesn't look half bad either.

So to anyone looking to get their septum pierced, be warned: that shit hurts. But if you really want it, got for it. Overall, it's worth it.


submitted by: ChelloBello
on: 28 Sept. 2008
in Nose Piercing

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Artist: Jay
Studio: American+Pride+Tattoo
Location: Michigan

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