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Finally getting my septum, for good this time.

Ever since I was about 16, I wanted a septum piercing. I don't know why, I just remember thinking it was the most interesting piercing I had ever seen- and that it looks cute on a girl. At this time I already had my eyebrow done (although it was a short lived piercing) and my parents had been okay with that. Now, I'll be completely honest- I was never a troublemaker at home. Sure, I did things my parents would not have approved of (who doesn't?), but I kept it very quiet and never gave them any reason to doubt me.

Finally, after a year or more of wanting a septum piercing (and after I had retired my eyebrow due to migration) I went and got it done after work one day. I had met and talked to the piercer I went to before, and liked and trusted him. It was quick and relatively painless, just a sneeze and the tiniest bit of blood and it was done. I had a retainer put in, and loved it. The next day I told my parents. It ended up being one of the worst decisions of my life. I'm not sure which was worse- getting it done or telling my parents. No, wait, it was definitely telling my parents.

My dad was furious, and demanded that I take it out immediately or leave his house, and never expect any money or support from him again. My mom disagreed with him, and thought he was over-reacting. They had the biggest fight of their marriage over one dumb piercing in my nose. After less than a month of them fighting horribly, and me sitting up with my mom late at night and comforting her, I took it out. I couldn't stand that something so trivial was ruining my family. But I never looked at my dad the same way.

A year later, I moved out of my house and to Toronto to go to school- that I am paying for with no help from my parents. And after almost a year on my own I finally decided to go get my septum again. What can I say, it was true love. I had wanted it for several years. And now that I was finally independent I was free to get it done.

For both of my septum piercings I never set a day to go get it, I'd just decide one day it was finally time to go get it, on the spot. This time, I went to Yonge St. Tattoos in Toronto- I live very close and had heard nothing but good things about this place. After a very short wait, Robin, a very cute redheaded woman, took me upstairs, and we chose out the jewelry (a small horseshoe) and chatted about what had happened with my past septum. She was great and funny and helped me relax.

Soon enough, after pointing out that everything was clean and sterile, Robin placed the clamps and noticed that my septum was a bit crooked. So she compensated slightly for the crookedness by shifting the clamps. I was glad that she was so careful. It was definitely a little weird and funny having clamps hanging from my nose.

Finally, Robin told me to take a deep breath, and exhale. This time was a bit more painful than the first, I think due to scar tissue. It burned, and there was a sharp pain, although nothing unbearable. I scrunched up my eyes and tears ran down my face- I think it's because of nerves in the nose, it happened both times- and I coughed. Right onto Robin. I was so embarrassed, but she just laughed it off and said she had been sneezed on before, so a cough wasn't so bad. Soon she was pulling the jewelry through. I think this is the worst part of every piercing I've had. It hurts, maybe more than the initial piercing, and in my head I'm always chanting "Just finish already, just finish already." But Robin got the ring in fast and screwed the balls on (verrrry tightly) just as quickly.

I am so in love with my septum. It has healed very well, no problems at all. Wiping or blowing my nose if I have a cold is a bit of a challenge, but it's easy if I'm not in public.

For a while I was wearing it flipped up a lot, because I work in retail and was unsure of the reaction. But I just recently went back to Robin and got her to put in a slightly smaller horseshoe, and now I wear it down all the time. Pretty much all that's visible now are the little balls. It's so small that no one has really noticed (or at least not said anything) at work.

I don't plan on telling my dad. Not ever. Although I'm thinking about a vertical labret, which I obviously can't hide. Should be interesting.


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 28 Sept. 2008
in Nose Piercing

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Artist: Robin
Studio: Yonge+St.+Tattoos
Location: Toronto%2C+ON.

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