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Ewww, don't get THAT!

I'll skip the whole bit about how I didn't like septum piercings and now I do business and just start.

I planned to get a new piercing as soon as I returned home from my family vacation. However, I wasn't quite sure what I wanted. I knew a clavicle surface piercing, sternum surface piercing, smiley, nies/slip, and septum were all on my list of eager-to-get mods. Reality set in and I realized my piercer refused to do surface piercings other than nape; it's a pain to find someone willing to do a slip piercing; so I'm left with smiley and septum. I need to hide this from work and my family and I tend to smile and laugh a lot, plus I'm concerned about dental issues - smiley's out! That leaves me with septum - pretty common, easy to hide, shouldn't be a problem.

I had spoken to my friends about the piercing for a while, and most were opposed, one even saying she would sever ties with me (to which I found out later she was kidding, and was quite scared for the time I thought she wasn't!), others were telling me how ugly it is and how they know of people who they despise with it. Then of course comes my mother telling me how hideous it is and I'd "look like a bull being led off to slaughter". I'm nineteen, so I can legally get pierced without parental consent, but I have a heavy conscience and I do really want to have my mother's approval for my piercings, to which I am hardly ever granted. A septum piercing she has long been opposed to.

Last week, I spoke to my boss and asked him if he would be okay with me getting a septum piercing, as long as it was hidden, with the potential of a portion being seen. He laughed and told me he didn't want to know about it. So that was a go from work. Earlier in the week, I was speaking with my mother, joking with her and asking her to come with me to get my piercing, and how it's okay with work and it'll be hidden, all that good stuff, to which she spoke the closest words of approval I could ever wish to hear: "I'm not going with you. I don't want to know about it. Don't go alone. Bring one of your friends."

I basically took that and ran with it. Or so I tried. My plan was to go on Thursday to get pierced, however, being a bit anxious about how much money I bring, I like to have forty dollars over what the piercing is going to be, including tip, should something occur where I need more money. So I went to the bank the next day, took out more money and tried to plan to have my friends come with me. Unfortunately both had plans. It was aggravating as I was pumped and totally ready to get it done. I could go alone, of course, but I'm concerned that whatever I'm getting done may be the piercing to put me in my place; that will make me unable to drive due to the pain being pretty bad or some other adverse affect. I feel better having someone who could at least drive my car if need be. Plus the company is a delight as well!

Today, I planned a little bit better and asked them early in the day to see if they had work or plans. Luckily, both were free. I told them I would speak to them once I got home from work, as it's always a mystery as to when I'll be working until, and we can figure out plans from there. While at work, I received a text from one of my friends, canceling. A bit unhappy, but not discouraged, I texted my other friend to make sure we were still on, and thankfully we were.

Once I returned home from work, I spoke with my friend, Marcy, and we decided when to head out. At around 7:45, I picked her up and we headed to Tattoo Lou's in West Babylon. I was excited, naturally, and expecting my usual piercer, Cassi to be there, as she told me she was off Sundays and Mondays. However, it was a different piercer, who I believe pierced my side navel and doesn't seem willing to do many piercings. If the piercer isn't comfortable, I appreciate it that she says so and doesn't go lunging at me with a needle. I headed in and told her what I wanted done and if she thought it'd be very visible with my nose type. She told me it should be fine and said she doesn't pierce septums and would see if the tattoo artist had time to pierce me. Unfortunately he was busy, and she told me Cassi would be in on Tuesday, or I could go to the Huntington shop, and gave me the studio's card. I thanked her, told her I had one of the cards and left.

As I headed back to my car with Marcy, I was pretty much pissed. I was shot down again and I was in no mood. I told her I wanted to find a place that would do it tonight while I was still really motivated. Marcy told me to take out the card and find the place in Huntington, which is a little bit of a drive. I took out the card to find it was an old card with only the phone numbers of the studios. I'm afraid to call places, but Marcy was a saint and called and found out the address for me, where we then put it into the handy GPS and headed off.

We reached the Huntington studio in pretty good time and told the piercer, whose name I didn't catch, what I wanted done and that I was told to go to the Huntington one from the West Babylon one. She seemed confused and I told her what happened. She was surprised Cassi wasn't there either, but apparently she switched her days off. Regardless, I filled out the paper work, paid and was showed I was to be pierced with a circular barbell, which is exactly what I wanted. Marcy could see me from where she was seated in the waiting area and was afraid to look, pretty sure she'd cry watching.

I went back into the piercing area and sat down on the massage-like chair and the piercer went over the procedure - how she'd clean my septum, then look around for the proper spot to pierce it and then show me where she was going to pierce it and then move it around if I didn't like it. Once that was over and done with, I told her I liked the spot and she opened the needle and all the other fun tools, telling me she was opening them and they were sterile and since they were open there was no refunding from there. I couldn't help but tell her, I made it thus far and wasn't pussying out now. As she brought the needle over to me, she told me to breathe through my nose and out of my mouth as she pushed the needle through my septum. I started tearing, as is customary of the piercing, and she asked me how I felt, to which I told her fine, and that I was feeling the tears. She showed me the piercing and then told me she'd flip it up for me, which I appreciated and was delighted to s ee how well hidden it was.

I thanked her and tipped her. She told me if I had any questions I could call up the studio. I walked over to Marcy, who was sitting down. She told me once the piercer had brought the needle over to my septum she had to look away and picked up a magazine. She was surprised, since she saw no piercing. I lifted my head up a bit so she could see up my nose and said it was well hidden. We headed out; I was driving since I was feeling well; Marcy even told me she was actually excited about the piercing. I was happy to hear that from the girl pseudo-threatening to stop associating with me.

I think this piercing looks a little big on my face, but I am excited to have it and I can't wait to wear it down when I'm at school. I'll let everyone see that Ew, I really DID get that piercing.


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 28 Sept. 2008
in Nose Piercing

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Artist: Wish+I+knew
Studio: Tattoo+Lou%27s
Location: Huntington%2C+NY

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