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DIY Septum Piercing

So after about seven months of trying to convince my mom to give me her consent so I can have my septum pierced, professionally, I finally gave up and decided to do it myself, like all of my piercings. Now, for all the anti-DIY people reading this, don't start freaking out on me about how idiotic and unsafe this is. The moment I listed septum piercing in my wish list, I began researching about procedures, (finding really scarce amount), experiences--both written and recorded, health risks, and a bunch of other stuffs. I did my research repeatedly, for about two months. I strongly suggest learning about the piercing you want, specially if you're going DIY.

Anyway, I ordered a box of piercing needles (auto-claved, E.O. gas sterilized, individually packed, tri-beveled) from BME Shop, as well one standard retainer and an omega-shaped one. I also bought a some circular barbells, cause I really like how it looks like on healed septum and a septum forceps off a different store. When I got it on the mail, I made up my mind that I will do it that night. And guess what? I chickened out. So I postponed it until Friday night, so I wouldn't have to walk around my school with irritated, red nose. It's also good to have two days of "healing time" before going out in public and exposing your freshly pierced septum to dirt and all that funky stuff in the air.

Fast forward to Friday night I boiled the already sterilized retainer and forceps just to make sure. Vacuumed the bathroom floor, washed the sink and faucet, and wiped it with paper towels with alcohol. When everything was ready, I washed my hands for the 8th time and put on a disposable, sterilized, latex glove. (You see, I'm very fuzzy when it comes to piercing procedures.) I rinsed my nose with warm water and cleaned the inside with alcohol soaked cotton bud. Then I felt around my nose for the sweet-spot. Having done this countless of times, I already knew where it was, and I marked it.

I pulled on a fresh pair of gloves and took the needle from its packing. Slowly and cautiously, I pushed the needle through my septum. The moment the needle broke the first layers of skin/muscle, tears welled up in my eyes and I thought I won't get through this. My checks were really damp from tears; although surprisingly, it wasn't that painful. I've heard countless people saying, "It hurts like a mother," "It's the most painful facial piercing ever," Unfortunately, it's not. It does hurt, that much I will give you but if you ask me, it's not unbearable. If I'll compare the degree of pain to any of my piercings, I suppose it's like cartilage piercing times 3. But of course different people has diverse tolerance against pain. I have a very high pain tolerance. But don't be dishearten, I assure you (and I'm sure many septum DIY-ers would back me up) IT'S BEARABLE.

I got a little distracted up there. Anyway, I stood there for about a 30 seconds trying to slowly push the needle through. I was expecting my septum to be as uncooperative as my mother, but it did worked with me. The needle went through swiftly and the pain dwindled. But it doesn't end there. I only have about 1/8" of the needle out from the "exit hole" and I need to center it so I can take pictures. I pushed the needle further until it was center, causing more tears to well up from my eyes. This is were the problem starts, I can't pull my septum down enough or push the wall of my outer nose up enough, so I can get the needle through without piercing straight through the outer nose wall. I'm not sure if it's the fact that I have a weird nose, or it's just a common occurrence for DIY septum piercing. After a minute of trying to get the rest of my nose out of the needle's way, I succeeded.

When I got half of the needle through the other side, I burst into silent happiness as to my parents are sleeping already. I couldn't believe it, I was that close to having my septum pierced. I could taste the happiness. I observed myself in the mirror and made sure that it was straight. I snapped some pictures with the needle up on my nose and proceeded to finish the procedure. I quickly pulled the needle through and carefully pushed the retainer through. It was about 3/4 on the way when I felt a really sharp pain. The retainer couldn't reach the hole on the other side. Major disaster. Unlike what most teens would do, notice my usage of the word teens, I didn't jam the retainer through the hole. I tried to not make it angry, cause the last thing you'd want is an angry septum specially if you want it pierced. I tried to get the retainer through a few times then I finally decided its pointless. Inspecting both holes, I noticed it's not straight; my happiness fooled me. I wiped my nose clean, placed the used needle in an aluminum can for disposal, put on new gloves and took out a fresh needle.

I swiftly pushed the needle through again. This time, closing my eyes when I sensed the tears are going to arrive soon. No tears, less pain and twitching. I stopped when it was halfway through and pressed the retainer to the bottom, hollow part of the needle. Now, if you've seen an actual piercing needle before, you'd know it's hollow all the way through, including the bottom part. It's hard to explain. I made sure I was capable of keeping them intact, so I don't have to go through another piercing procedure for tonight. I pulled the needle out swiftly with one motion, with the retainer tailing behind it, actually they're attached to each other, and pushed the other side of the retainer through. Voilà!! My retainer went through, my piercing procedure is a success, I win at life. I admired how it looked on me, aware of the gasps and reactions I will be getting on Monday. It was so enthralling, I loved it so much. I flipped it up and cleaned my work space.

Fast forward to Present It's been a week since I'd successfully pierced my septum and even though I've always had it flipped up, I am still very happy for it. I decided I'm just going to flipped it up and down when it's healed, so it won't get aggravated. Even when cleaning it, I'm extremely careful in moving it around. Now, it's safe and cozy up in my nose, just waiting to be completely healed before it can show itself to the world.

A few points on cleaning your septum piercing; I cannot stress how much saline solution soaks helps it heal. Like I said, I've only had it for a week and the healing range for septum piercing is 6-10 weeks. But I can almost forget it's still a fresh piercing because it doesn't hurt as much as it should. I clean it twice a day--once in the morning before school and at night before I go to bed. Prepare a saline solution; bring a 100 ml of clean water to a boil, transfer to a clean glass container, mix 1/8 teaspoon of rock salt ~NEVER USE TABLE SALT!~ and stir. The rock salt should dissolve after a few stirs. Let it cool down to a comfortable temperature. Soak small cotton balls, enough to fit in your nose, in the saline solution, as well as 6-10 cotton buds. Take the cotton balls and place one in each nose. Let it soak for a bout 5-10 minutes. (I usually jump in the shower after I put the cotton balls in my nose, so I don't have to wait and waste my time waiting for it. The ste am from the shower can also help loosen any crusties.) Remove the cotton balls and carefully clean the piercing with the cotton buds. When you're done, don't forget to rinse it with either warm or cold water (I prefer cold rinse, it relaxes the piercing) and dry the inside of your nose and the piercing with tissue paper or cotton buds. ~NEVER USE TOWELS~

To anyone planning to pierce their septum on their own, I still suggest going to a professional for it. However, if you think you can handle it yourself, then go for it. Though, please if you decide to go DIY, use sterilized equipments and disinfect your work place. Buying a bottle of alcohol, sterilized piercing needles and jewelry, is much more cheaper than having to go to a doctor because of an infection.

If you have any questions, aftercare or whatever, don't hesitate to email me. natasha


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on: 28 Sept. 2008
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