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Close your eyes, you won't want to see this...

I'd been wanting my nose pierced for about two years. I think the reason I first wanted it was while going through an emo phase at twelve, I had a clip-on nose/lip/belly/ear ring and put it in my left nostril. I loved it from the start and that was when I was bitten by the bug.

I'd only had my ears pierced once before when I was six, and I couldn't remember what that was like, but I know it hurt. Alot. Stupidly, as I was only little, I didn't know the dangers of gun piercing, and they got badly infected. Not badly enough to take them out, but they were literally green and really huge, hot, sore and swollen.

I was so nervous about pain that it took me literally years to finally pluck up the courage to go and get stabbed. I'd previously tried to get punctured once before, but in a shop that used guns (this was before I knew the evils of gunning), so I'm glad I chickened out. Especially as they weren't even butterfly backed earrings, but nose bones with the bobbles at the end. The bloke (old and a bit incompetent if you ask me!) was going to push a very very blunt object through my twelve year old (at the time) nose. I am thankful now, because I've heard stories about that place...

Anyway, after many months of changing my mind about the side (I got right in the end) and some (alot of) failed attempts at appointments, I went into town and asked at another shop (which shall remain nameless, mainly coz I can't remember the name!!) if they did nose piercings. They did! But I had no money, so I took a leaflet and said I'd come back in a couple of weeks.

That couple of weeks whizzed by and it was the day of my wonderful piercing! I bought my mum and my grandma with me for support (and to sign forms, I'm only fourteen). We wandered down to the first shop and a really nice, helpful Polish lady told me that the piercing lady wasn't there, she'd just had a baby.

I was a bit annoyed at this, yet a bit relieved, because I thought that I wouldn't be able to get it done for another couple of days (I'm a complete pain wuss!).

So I was all ready to go home. We were walking back from town, so we had to walk all the way to the top of it again. I didn't think there were any other piercing places on the way back to my house, but I was wrong, as we were walking back home and passed a hair salon called K&G's. By this point I was full of adrenaline, so I ran in bouncing around. We asked about nose piercings and they said they personally didn't do them, but they had a little studio around the corner called Trends. I walked straight back out (saying thank you on the way of course) and ran down the road to Trends. The shop was empty except for one other person and the staff, so I felt at ease. I was looking at the other jewellery when the receptionist came and asked if she could help us.

We asked how much it would be (£15), and mum said to the receptionist lady: "I'll pay after in case she chickens out again..."

Then I was asked if I would mind the woman's little boy (he was about seven) watching. I said no, but made sure he didn't get too close, coz I don't really like germs, especially not in my face... or in an open wound!

I went and chose my jewellery (a surgical steel spikey nose screw), and sat in the dentist chair type-thing.

Then she marked my nose with the purple pen. It was a little off so I asked her to move it forward a tiny tiny bit. Perfect this time, so we went on with the stabbing!

I watched her get out the new needle, sterile clamps, antibacterial stuff and other things.

The procedure went like this:

-She numbs my nose a bit-

Me:"What's that??!!!!"

Her:"Numbing stuff darlin, it's fine"

"Right, close your eyes, you won't want to see this."

-Eyes closed-


"Yeah... I guess"

-Needle goes in-

Mum:"It's in! Worst bit over, just got to put the earring in."

Me:"It's not a bloody earring!"

And that was it. Only hurt a tiny tiny tiny tiny bit when they put the jewellery in. Infact, it was more uncomfortable than painful! And I'm a person that cries at a blood test...

Only had a slight problem with it, but that's just 'cause I don't stop playing with it... But now I'm leaving it alone, it's fine.

I would say to anyone thinking of this: It's really nothing to worry about, a great little addition to anyone's face and it's not too edgy.


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 28 Sept. 2008
in Nose Piercing

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Studio: Trends.+%28K%26G%29
Location: Yeovil%2C+Somerset%2C+UK

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