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at home nose piercing woohoo!

Alright so last night I asked my mom if I could get my nose pierced and she said no because she doesn't like them. Then we got talking (on IM, I was in my room, she was in the kitchen on her laptop) and I was like okay if I can't get my nose pierced I want my second holes done in my ears. She's like well if you want to do that you can just do that at home. And I was like, okay well why don't I just pierce my nose while I'm at it. She didn't necessarily agree with me here, but I was like well if I did it I wouldn't know where to pierce it on my nose, and she was like on the indent. So I was oh okay well I'm gonna pierce my nose. She never actually said no after I said that.

So a few hours passed, 3:00AM rolls around and I'm up watching a movie, bored. And I decide well I think it's time to pierce my nose so I grab a needle, a sewing needle cause that's all I had I didn't have any earrings that are sharp because I got my ears pierced when I was a baby, so grabbed the needle, the rubbing alcohol, ice, a few earrings because I didn't have nose studs, Q-tips, hand sanitizer, and a glass of milk. This was it. I filled up a little tray thing of rubbing alcohol and put my needle and earrings in it and let it sit for a few minutes while I made a dot on my nose where I wanted the hole to be. I skipped washing my hands and put the hand sanitizer on a couple times. Then I iced my nose for a few minutes. Then I took the needle out of the rubbing alcohol, wiped it off, and proceeded to put the needle through my nose... obviously! It didn't take long at all to get the needle through my nose the only clear hesitation areas was the last layer of skin, it didn't really hurt more or anything but it was harder to push it through. Actually piercing my nose hardly hurt at all and didn't take as long as I thought. So I got it through and let the needle hang out for a few minutes. This is when I took the earrings out of the rubbing alcohol and decided which one I wanted. I wasn't about to do an actual ring yet so I settled on a diamond earring, it was the smallest one I had. Getting the needle out of my nose was actually kind of a hassle. I had to use pliers to get it out haha as silly as that sounds but I did, then stuck in the earring. I thought the hole closed already but gave some force and heard/felt a pop and it was through. Oh wait it wasn't through yet nope, had to push HARDER to get it through the hole in my nose I couldn't see anymore because it was no longer red. But that didn't take long and it went through with ease. I put the back of the earring on and that was it I was done. Oh yeah I also used the handle of a tooth brush
for support in my nose to push the needle through. But yeah this was about it. It's been over an hour since I did it now and it does ache but obviously it's going to, any piercing will. I know this isn't something you should do at home but I mean I'm pretty good at not getting infections and keeping things clean I had to rinse like a hundred times a day with warm salt water when I got my wisdom teeth out (and I didn't get an infection cause I'm so friggin awesome at keeping stuff clean) so I figured this wasn't going to be that much more of a hassle. You aren't really supposed to take out the nose stud or rings after they're in but I need to buy an actual nose stud so I probably will.

If you were ever having doubts about piercing your nose at home, it's really not as bad as it sounds but make damn sure you clean everything you use, who wants infections and stuff? Not me that's for sure. Yeah and by the time I just typed that which wasn't long at all considering I'm a speed typer, my nose doesn't even hurt anymore. I definitely think this will be the first and last at home piercing I'll do. I want my belly button next and really don't think I should do that myself, haha.

So yeah thanks for reading and happy piercing it looks great after; it's totally worth ANY and ALL trouble!! :D

Peace Love Empathy


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 28 Sept. 2008
in Nose Piercing

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