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A nose stud, the dreaded bump and a happy ending

I have wanted my nose pierced since I was 9 years old, and my parents have always said that I could have it done when I was 16. I had a few non major piercings before hand, an industrial which got infected and was taken out 3months later, normal ear lobe piercings, stretched to 6mm and 8mm (now taken out) and a cartilage piercing on my left ear, which got pulled out on a rollercoaster (it hurt).

As it turned out, I was in China for my birthday, and there was no chance of me being allowed to have my nose pierced before my trip, so I would have to wait until I got back. After a couple of days getting over jet lag, I told my parents I was getting my nose pierced, got on the bus and headed off to Norwich. I had my industrial done at RudeBoyz, but I found them very rude when I went in to ask for help about my infection, and they also told me to wash my ear with Hydrogen Peroxide, which ended up burning the piercing and making it worse. No way was I going there.

Indigo was where I had my other cartilage piercing done, and they're a lot friendlier, and a more established piercing shop. I went in at about 11:30 and the shop was really busy, two people were getting nape piercings before me, and they had already been waiting for a while. The piercer had gone to pick up his lunch, so I filled in a form asking about any meds I was on, if I had eaten ect, and sat down and waited for him to come back. I must of only been waiting for 20minutes or so, but it felt like forever. It was one of the hottest days that summer and a combination of heat and an over powering smell of disinfectant made me feel quite ill.

Finally the piercer returned, the people in front of me had got their necks pierced, and it was my turn. I told my boyfriend to wait outside, as I didn't want anyone to come in with me (they make me more nervous). I was told to lay down as the piercer (Matt? James?) got the equipment ready and cleaned my nose. He then drew a dot on my nose and asked if that was where I wanted it placed, I didn't really know what would look good, so I took his word for it and agreed. He then clamped my nose, which didn't hurt at all, I had expected some sort of pain from the stories I'd read, but nothing. The needle was held up, and my eyes were clamped shut, I didn't want to see it coming. He asked if I was ready, and I tried to nod but couldn't because of the clamp, so kind of murmured "mmm...".

It was a very sharp pain, but didn't exactly hurt. It was over in a second and then all the blood rushed to my nose and I could feel it heating up, and it stung and kind of ached. Yes it was painful, but it was as far away as un bearable you can get. I cannot stress how little the pain of the actually piercing was.

Having the jewellery put it was a total bitch though.

I'd chosen a silver ball with a red crystal, which was a corkscrew. Indigo only have corkscrew nose jewels and although I had heard how hard they are to put in and out, I assume at least I wouldn't have the dreaded sneezing and the stud flying off into someone's eye. It took maybe 10 second to put in the stud, and it stung and made my eyes water even more. Then, it was over, and I had my long awaited nose stud.

I cleaned my piercing twice a day for a couple of weeks, and then I started to get lazy, cleaning it maybe once every few days or when I got it caught and it bled a little. There was a time a week or so after I had it pierced when I went to take off my sunglasses and nearly pulled the thing out, thank god it was a corkscrew. It healed well, despite my lazy cleaning methods, but towards the end of the summer, I noticed a bump starting to appear at the side of my piercing. It was really noticeable at first, but it soon became very sore and looked like I had a blood blister next to my piercing.

To make things even worse, my sixth form insisted I changed it to a retainer. My piercer refused to change it for me, saying he was wasn't prepared to change an unhealed piercing and to tell my school I had to wait another month. I was told if I refused to change it or take it out I was suspended.

Damn new head mistress. I would have to work out something myself.

After my experiences with my industrial, I was very vary of any unnatural cleaning methods. No way was I going to touch hydrogen peroxide.

I started a cleaning routine, where I would bathe my piercing for 5minutes and then applied a drop of tea tree oil to the bump. I would do this twice a day, and at first I noticed no difference, then it looked a bit better, then it got worse, and then one day it just pealed off, came back the next day, pealed off again, and that was it.

I bought a retainer and an L shaped stud. I put the retainer in each morning, but as it was a pin I was worried it would come out as I slept, so changed it to the other stud when I got home. This irritated the piercing, but a combination of learning how to change my nose stud quickly and painlessly, and bathing my nose in hot water sea soaks before and after changing it, my nose has healed right up.

A week ago I was thinking I would have to loose my piercing, and now I have a healthy piercing I can change easily, with nothing but a bit of redness and slight eye watering. I'm building a small collection of studs, and the only thing that worries me is that the L shaped studs I've been buying seem a smaller width to the corkscrew I had it pierced with.

I love my nose piercing, and am so determined to keep it. Looking to the future, I'm getting my belly button pierced the moment I get the money, and also want a tongue bar and my other nostril pierced, but I'll wait until I'm off to uni for them.

(If you can, don't change your piercing until your piercer says it's ok to do so! See if they'll change it for you first time round, so you can learn, and there is a rumour about tea tree oil being bad for piercings.... but it worked for me =] )


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 28 Sept. 2008
in Nose Piercing

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Artist: Matt+or+James+%3D%2F
Studio: Indigo
Location: Norwich

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