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16g diy Septum during school

It all started way back in January the first time I ever saw a septum piercing. At first I thought of it as silly and made people look like bull's, but the more and more I looked at people with them the more fond I grew of them. So after March when I got most of my body mod's done (Left nostril, snakebites, right eyebrow, and navel in one day) I asked for one more piercing ; my Septum [I plan to have over 50 piercings but this was all for the time being]. My mother refused and said that if I wanted to get it pierced I had to earn it. So over the next month I tried pretty hard to break her down with no success. Therefore I did something that I thought one of the scariest things ever, do it myself.

I asked around school and my friend Sieda how to do it as she had done her's herself as well. She told me that after a shower and sterilizing the needle with fire then rubbing alcohol (mistake) to insert a carrot in one nostril to substitute as a stopper. Then find my sweet spot and pierce. I tried for about 30 minutes with no success.

So the next day at school I asked my friend Jessica Z. and Cheyenne to help as they both loved piercings and Jessica is an apprentice with her brother. They agreed to help but I made them practice there piercing skills on another friend first, they pierced my friend Jessica A's Monroe. After examining it and finding that it looked well placed and correctly done I allowed them to continue. After 3rd Period English we headed down to 4th hour Social Studies. We planned during class and as soon as if was over we headed for a secluded spot under the stairs where no one would likely find us.

My friend Jessica refused to do the actual piercing as she did not approve of us using a safety pin, however she was nice enough to hold my hand. My friend Cheyenne found my sweet spot and began to pierce. Unfortunately she is like blind or something and began to curve the needle downwards. It took 20 minutes of blood, tears, and some screaming to get the needle through. But when we finished we were greeted but an extremely loud POP and and a stream of blood. She got out the 16g Blue horseshoe I had boughten and inserted it through the hole. Jessica and Cheyenne stood back to take a look and there eyes went as wide as gold fish bowls. It was crooked, one side starting in the accurate location of my septum and the other coming out at the base of my left nostril. I went the bathroom and screamed so loud a teacher came out in the hall and told us to go to our class or off house immediately. We all did so, over the next hour it hurt like hell but I left it in.

When I went to lunch all my friend were like "Where the hell were you during class?". I just laughed and they looked up from there Lunch. There eyes got as big as Jessica's and Cheyenne's when they saw my new piercing. They all started asking question's and usual stuff people with piercings get. Over the next hour it seemed to spread all over the school that there was a bad ass kid named Jake that pierced his own Septum in the middle of the Social Studies hall way. People would start coming up to me randomly through out the day and ask either "What the hell were you thinking -laugh", "Oh shit, how bad did that one hurt", or "Holy shit, nice!" which isn't really a question but I still enjoyed it.

I showed my mom when I got home from school. She laughed and said I must have some pretty big balls. My grandma just thought I was a new generation hippie and started reflecting on the 60's, and my aunt just thought I was crazy.

Regrettably after a month I took it out as I did not want a crooked septum piercing. But this summer brought my chance and after proving myself by watching the house for 1 week by myself without throwing a part or anything my mom took me to Old World Tattoo located in Arvada, Colorado where I had my septum pierced professionally by Seth the piercing artist. I have had it for over a month now and I love it every second of the day. I get "Did that hurt?" and "Ouch, how did they do that?" almost daily; boy if they only know. So I guess the lesson behind the story is; STOP DOING IT YOURSELF! YOU WILL EARN/GET IT SOONER OR LATER AND BETTER LATER THEN DEAD!

Thank you


P.S. This website fucking rocks.


submitted by: The Rainbow Panda
on: 28 Sept. 2008
in Nose Piercing

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Artist: diy
Studio: diy
Location: High+School

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