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Underage Piercing (but still great)

So I had wanted to get my nose pierced for a long long time. And being 16, I couldn't legally go to get it pierced, in Oregon where I live. Oh what is a girl to do? I had begged and begged my mom to take me, but my dad was so against it, that she was scared to take me. He told me he would kick me out if I had it done.  
It did not help that all of my friends would constantly tell me how great I would look with my nose pierced. I'm half East Indian, so everyone would tell me how naturally great it would look  on my face. I wanted to get it pierced soooo bad. I have friends who've pierced themselves, and I never wanted to do that. I was actually pretty depressed about it. I knew I'd look great with my nose pierced. I'd picked out the jewelry I wanted, and the side of my face I wanted it on. 
And then one day the unthinkable happened. My parents went out of town for a week. And I spent the day with two of my good friends. The funny thing is, that when I walked into the piercing shop, I wasn't thinking about getting a piercing. I just wanted to go look at plugs (which I also have). I asked the guy at the counter how much a nose piercing was. I kind of knew him because I'd been to this shop a few times before. Then we started talking a little, and he asked me "do you want to get your nose pierced now?" 
I was so excited that he'd asked that I said yes right away. I didn't really think about him trying to ID me. So I started filling out my paperwork, and when he asked me for ID, I went blank. Luckily I thought of something. I look older than I actually am. So I started digging through my purse, then I put on a really worried face and said, "Oh no, I left my ID at home. He looked at us for a few seconds, shrugged, and said, "ahhh well it's alright don't worry about it." 
I was so surprised that I had just gotten away with what I had gotten away with. But I was not gonna sit there and think about it, and I was ready for my nose to be pierced.  
Then it was time to get pierced! I was surprised that I was not nervous at all. I guess that I had wanted this for so long that I was just plain happy that it was going to happen. I sat in the chair and Kate held my hand. I sat in the chair for a while, because the shop was busy that day. The piercer cleaned my nostril, numbed it, and marked it with blue ink. Then he handed me a mirror and asked me if I liked the placement. I did, so he proceeded to tell me what to expect. He used an 18 gauge hollow needle to pierce my nose, and had a metal tube he held on the inside of my nose so I wouldn't get my septum pierced also (a little humor there, hahaha ha). The piercing really didn't hurt as bad as I thought it would. When the needle went through my nose, my left eye teared up a lot, but only on the left side (where I had it pierced). It hurt more when he put in the jewelry, which was a 20 gauge nose screw. He used a smaller gauge of jewelry to accommodate any swelling. 
After it was pierced, it didn't hurt at all. No burning, no ache, nothing. I payed, thanked the piercer, and left with my friends. 
My nose wasn't sore until 2 days after it was pierced, and it was pretty sore. My nostril, and the area of my face around it hurt. But nothing a little tylenol couldn't solve. And it stopped being sore after 2 more days. 
Unfortunately, I had to go back into the shop a week later and get my nose screw changed out for a smaller one because my place of employment didn't like the size. This smaller screw has slipped into the piercing occasionally, but it didn't hinder the healing. It's been about 4 weeks since my nose was pierced, and it's healing really well. It is no longer sore. I have been able to change out the jewelry without any problems. I clean it daily, and it hasn't been crusty in a long time. It has never been infected. I clean it every day with special sea salt and warm water. Don't ever believe anyone that says every piercing gets infected. This is not true. You control how your piercing heals, and if you take care of it, you'll be fine. I love my nose piercing. It is my favorite piercing that I have, and I would do it again a hundred times if I could. I would love to disclose the name of the shop, but I don't want to get them in trouble, because they didn't ID me and I am a min

or, but the piercer did a great job. It barely hurt, it is healing great, and it looks so beautiful.


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 23 Sept. 2008
in Nose Piercing

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