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The story of my iccle septum piercing.

So Friday I got up the guts to go to my piercers and enquire about septum piercings; what they had to put it in it and the price. I then went into town pondering about if I should get it done with a titanium U shaped retainer or a blackline one (which I would have to order myself.)

I went home still pondering and decided that I would order a blackline one and if it was to be delivered by the next day then I would have it done with that and if it wouldn't then I would go get it done with the titanium one.

So my parents and siblings left the house at 2.30 to go away for the weekend and I placed my order and it wasn't dispatched before 3.30 and I'd said to a mate (Al) that if it had not been dispatched before 3.30 I would go get it done with the titanium one this afternoon.

So I got all of my stuff together and set off on the 10 min walk to my piercers studio, on the way buying a small can of coke to keep my sugar levels up.

On arrival I was pleasantly greeted by Cheryl and I told her that I had decided that I wanted it done with a titanium U shaped retainer. She then asked my to fill in a consent form which I did then I sat down on the sofa whilst she saw to another guy, who was before me.

So whilst she was seeing to the guy I psyched myself up and was prepared when she arose from her room I was pretty much ready for it. "You're brave or stupid, I don't know which one" she told me laughing then her college came up behind her and laughed "she's brave" I smiled back at both of them.

She then left to go into her room to prepare everything for me, arising a couple of minutes later telling me she was ready for me to come in.

I sat down on the bed/ table and watched her as she got the clamps out and walked over to me. "Have you ever banged your nose?" she asked me to which I replied "nope". "Been punched in it" I giggled nervously and replied "no". "Right well as neither of those have happened I will tell you what to expect. Tears will more than likely come streaming from your eyes as your nose is connected to your tear ducts, have you brought any make up with you as that pretty eyeliner will more than likely run." "Right, no I haven't, but It doesn't matter coz I'm off home after anyway" I replied. "Fair enough" she smiled " I wont let you leave with it all down your face anyway. "Thanks" I replied.

She then got the retainer out of the auto-clave and placed it beside me and then said "This is gonna involve me picking your nose a lot" I giggled and said "that's ok" She the cleaned my nose with a antiseptic wipe and then got the clamps and started trying to find the perfect spot, Now some people say that the clamps hurt more that the actual piercing itself, I would disagree, the clamps hurt but not that much. Once she had found the perfect spot she opened the needle in front of me and asked me to tell her when I was ready, and I said "now. "Take a big long breath in" which I did and the needle was in and out "F**k" She said "I felt your pain then" I smiled in reply, tears streaming down my face.

"You ok hun?" she asked me, wiping the tears away. I replied "yeah", she then pulled the needle out of the canulla and placed it in the sharps bin. Then she placed the retainer at the end of the and pushed it through and I started bleeding, cue me cringing and her getting tissues. After around five minutes of me bleeding she started to clean my nose up. "Do you want it left down or flipped up?" "umm flipped up please, my rents will kill me if they know about it" "Sure thing" she replied "I'll leave it for a min then do it" she said and proceed to clean up.

After she was cleaned up she came back to me and smiled "it looks so cute" I blushed and replied "thank you."

She then flipped it up and told me it was hidden from all, I smiled and stood up.

We then walked out of the room and to the desk. "Has she even had it done" Cheryl's college asked. "Yes she was very brave" she replied smiling. "So that's £25 please" she said. I handed her £30 and told her to keep the change, she smiled "Thanks darling" I smiled also "not a problem". She then went through the cleaning procedures and told me if I needed anything to just pop in and see her. "Thank you" I said. "No problem, see you soon yeah?" she asked me, "sure thing" I replied and left the shop waving at her.

Walking home I smiled to myself, I had finally got what I wanted.


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 23 Sept. 2008
in Nose Piercing

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Artist: Cheryl
Studio: Twisted+Barrels.+Chester
Location: Chester.+U.K

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