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My Super Easy Septum Piercing

I have been considering/becoming increasingly obsessed with the idea of getting a nose ring of some sort for the past couple months. I was torn between getting a nostril ring or a septum ring and, ultimately, I went with the latter, after looking at tons of pictures of girls with septum rings, watching YouTube videos of the process, and reading about experiences on BME. I figured a septum ring would better suit my nose, which isn't giant, but isn't small by any means.

For this piercing, I decided to go to a fairly new, increasingly reputable nearby shop that opened earlier this year. My boyfriend works across the street from this shop and had taken a few tours of the place on his breaks; he concluded that the shop was nice and very clean. He and I had discussed my want to get a septum ring and, one day that same week, he went in to the shop and spoke with the apprentice, who was very willing to set up an appointment for me, so I decided to just go for it. I got my first tattoo (fairly large, beginning on my shoulder blade and ending on my spine) about a year ago and experienced very little pain and a very easy recovery process, so I figured this would be a piece of cake!

When my boyfriend and I arrived at the shop, I filled out the necessary paperwork. We had to wait around for a little while for the shop owner, Mike, to sanitize the jewelry he had picked out for me in a box full of rings: a basic small, "feminine" 16g silver horseshoe that I would be able to flip up into my nose while at work. I was becoming increasingly nervous waiting around and, after what seemed like five years, I was called into the room, where I was then instructed to lay back onto the chair. It was incredibly strange feeling someone put their fingers up my nose, of course, and I think that this, ultimately, was the most uncomfortable part of the process. The piercer marked my nose and spoke to his apprentice, who was sitting in on the piercing because he wanted to see a septum done (as it's a fairly uncommon piercing around where I live) about a slight issue that he discovered: my deviated septum (from a broken nose when I was younger) and how correct hole placement w as slightly more complex with this specific issue. He marked my nose with a purple sharpie (that was extremely hard to wash off afterwards!), clamped it, told me to take a deep breath, and pushed the needle through. There was a slight pinch, followed by immediate relief, and strange, sort of euphoric feeling (which is apparently pretty common, according to the piercer). With one fluid movement, he told me to take another deep breath and put the ring on. That was it! Over in a matter of seconds! I was handed a tissue to wipe my watery eyes (also apparently very common)/a mirror and I absolutely fell in love with the piercing I saw. There was a very small amount of blood (maybe a drop or two) that appeared after Mike pushed the needle through, but no blood thereafter. As I said, there was very little pain during the piercing and absolutely no pain or tenderness afterwards (this is the case for everyone, though, as I understand).. easiest piercing ever!

It's been several days and still no swelling or tenderness. There is a little crustiness, which I was advised would happen, but no more bleeding. I've been keeping my fingers away from my nose and have been cleaning the piercing with Bactine several times a day (simply squirting a liberal amount onto a Q-Tip and rubbing the saturated Q-Tip all around the area and jewelry, as instructed) and I think it's healing nicely. I still love the piercing to death and everyone who has seen it has told me that it's adorable. My boyfriend was initially somewhat skeptical as to how it would look but was, nevertheless, supportive, and he ended up loving the piercing so much that he is considering it for himself, as well (he calls me his little bull, which is I think is one of my favorite parts of having the piercing). I think it suits my slightly bigger-than-average nose pretty well. I was told that the healing process is complete anywhere from one to two months and I can't wait to change j ewelry to a new, somewhat smaller ring that I just bought.

I was very happy with the very easy experience, overall. The piercer was top-notch and knew what he was doing/took time to do it correctly. A lot of people seem to think that this is a very painful piercing to get, but that definitely is not the case! In fact, I think the piercing was more painful for my boyfriend (who nearly has full sleeves, mind you) to watch (he gripped my leg as he watched the needle go through my nose) than it was for me to actually get the piercing! I'd advise anyone who is considering this piercing to get it done! It is easily concealed for work, virtually painless (for me, at least), and very cute.


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 23 Sept. 2008
in Nose Piercing

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