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My septum

My Septum

Ok this is the story of my very first professional piercing, and although I have before the age of 18 had roughly 45 (not saying by any means that this is a lot seeing as I know its not but for my area it is) a good deal of them re-pierces. I was looking to get a new piercing and I went around asking my friends what I should get because I was running out of new places with out going down stairs, and I refuse to get my tongue, I've already had a 2g through my cheek and that was fun but I didn't want to repeat it. I finally settled for a septum that I would start at a 14g and move up to about a 10g or 8g.

So I study up on them and I go to a man who I met that day before he tattooed my friend with a bio hazard tat. I ask him about what all he could pierce for me and I ask him about the septum and he tells me that I am more or less the lab rat. (Very comforting mind you) However he assures me that it will be sterile that his tools are clean and the needles are in the sterile packaging from the company, all of this seems to check out right so far, Except!!! Except that I happen to be the first person who will receive this particular piercing. My friends all are there comforting me (normally not a factor but first professional piercing with a hollow needle) and he takes out the forceps and lines everything up, I'm not sure if it hurt because he wasn't sure of what he was doing or if it was the grips of the forceps, or what but that was the single most painful piercing I've had to date but it was done quite quickly and there was minimal bleeding.

I had very few complaints about it after it was done. Except that night I slept on my back and was pretty cautious about it I crashed at my friends house (the one with the tattoo) and where he owns multiple cats and one of them is exceptionally affectionate it was on my chest while I was sleeping and in a show of its affection or just attracted by the shiny metal in my face it finds it a great idea to ram its face dead squared into my nose raising me instantly from a DEEP sleep instantly assuming a very pain stricken and defensive position with my right hand and attacking my unknown assailant with my left only to find out that my attacker was a cat.(such a sad realization). My only other complaint was that it was slightly crooked.(which I corrected as I gauged it)

After care wasn't that bad no worse than any other but better than some Q-tips became a great friend. For the first two weeks I had a Monster headache as a result of every time that I spoke it would cause the ring to vibrate thus causing ungodly pains to rip through my head. After about the second week I was able to wean off the aspirin and resume normal social activities.  I also noticed that when I smoked there was a build up of I filth on the ring after a day or two from where I French inhale every time.  But as previously stated that was easily fixed by a Q-tip or some tissue paper. Easy cleaning.

I decided that I didn't like the size of the gauge so I moved on to a 12g and a 10g in very short increments of time after the initial healing was done. And I found other things to entertain about my new piercing once I got it to the 10g I found a ink tube from a pen and cleaned it out and cut it to fit my nose I used it as a clear filler for school. Well one day I got the bright Idea to stick a pipe cleaner through the tube making a mustache it was humorous for a little while especially considering none of my friends or family could carry on a serious conversation with me while I had the thing in. Towards the end I got a kick out of the random times that id be out side and a friend would be like "hey hey hey....wait up dude I can see light through that man...". But other than that I over all on the grand scale really enjoyed my septum, it was a rather enjoyable piercing to have and it had a few things that one could laugh about it looked good without that odd cliché feeling abo ut it like the eyebrow does.

Side note people is to always find reputable places and take care of your piercings and dont be stupid with them.


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 23 Sept. 2008
in Nose Piercing

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