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My self nose piercing experience

So I've been wanting to get my nose pierced for quite some time now because I think it just looks cute. I'd already gotten an eyebrow piercing years ago and I couldn't see paying for a nose piercing when I could just as easily do it myself at home. I've attempted other facial piercings on my own and the only reason I didn't keep them was because I did not have the correct jewelry at the time.

So, it was evening after I'd gotten home from work I had made up my mind that I would just do it then. I used a starter earing that has the point on it, the same ones you get when having your ears pierced with any generic piercing gun. I soaked it in some alcohol for a little bit and washed around my nose in the area I planned to pierce. Then I took the earring and put it to the spot on my right nostril where I wanted it and then started to push down and twist into my skin.

It took longer than I had wanted because I was busy doing other things and I didn't really care for going through the cartridge inside the nose. It was rather tough and it had a sore dull ache to it, trying to twist and push down in an angled position the way that I wanted. The hardest part for me was getting through the last little bit. I had my thumb on the inside of my nose and my index finger on the outside squeezing and rubbing a bit to get the point to go all the way through.

I still did not have the proper jewelry at the time so I had to leave the starter earring in my nose until the next day when I could buy some nose studs. After getting it in I pretty much left it alone that night, it was not really that red and it didn't bleed at all. The point of the earring was rather annoying but I didn't have much trouble sleeping on it and no one really even noticed that I'd done it, it seemed like it was almost meant to be there and didn't stand out at all. It was just that extra little cute touch that I felt my face needed.

Having had an eyebrow piercing before I knew how to take care of the cleaning of the piercing already, anti-bacterial hand soap and warm water, twice a day for at least a month or so. So the next morning I woke up and washed it with soap and water and q-tips to get inside it and there was crust around the outside of the piercing that need to be cleaned as well. I had bought some nose studs that had the curve on them I suppose to hold them into place inside the nostril but they were much too hard to get into the hole. It was sore already and having to make that sharp and odd turn with the jewelry was pretty impossible. The nose bones I'd gotten also in the packet were not a good choice right off because they had very short posts and a ball on the end that was larger than the very new hole and it just irritated it and made my hole bleed a little bit.

So instead of trying to shove the bone in I had to take one of the curved studs and straighten it a bit into an L position and that worked pretty good except it was a little longer than I'd like and I could feel it in my nose all day long and it made me feel like I had to sneeze. I had to leave it in still cleaning it twice a day and moving it as I did so to get the soap in the wound until I could get some different, sorter jewelry.

I used the bent stud until I bought some that were already bent that way in the L shape. They were smaller in diameter and have more of a chance of getting caught and pulled out but they work much better for me. It's been about a week and I've pulled it out accidentally a few times since the piercing and it really is uncomfortable, a sharp eye tearing pain if it rips out at such an angle that it scrapes the inside of the hole that isn't all the way healed just yet. But it never bruised and only bled when I first messed with it to change the jewelry shoving the bone in there when it wouldn't fit right. It looks good, I avoid getting make up into it when applying my morning make up and I don't play with it through out the day. I'm pretty happy with it and I got to save $40.00 so in the end I win doubly.

But as in the other stories I've read it is well worth it and easy to take care of, it's very low maintenance and it's just plain cute! So if that's what you want to do then go for it, and even though I wouldn't' personally suggest you do it yourself if you feel confidant enough to do so and have a some what high tolerance to pain then give it a try, if nothing else you can always just take it out and let it heal back up.


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on: 23 Sept. 2008
in Nose Piercing

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