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My long-awaited septum piercing

Hello, let me tell you about my first real piercing experience! For over two years, I have wanted a septum piercing. However, I was too much of a chicken to actually get the piercing done - until now.

Doing research about good quality piercers in the area, I found a piercing studio with a very good reputation. The web site looked nice and displayed pictures of a neat looking place. I did some more research to be sure this would be the place I would get my first piercing done (not counting 2x lobe piercings done at a hairdresser at a far too ripe age...), saved some cash and called the studio to ask for an appointment. As the studio turned out to be quite popular, I had to wait a couple of weeks, but it was ok by me. I had already waited this long, surely I could wait another two weeks!

As the finally-getting-my-septum-done-day came, I went to Skien and waited for my appointment at 1PM. There the piercer greeted me, told me to relax and asked me what piercing I was getting. Replying "septum", he told me he couldn't do that, as the woman who had booked my appointment had put down too little time. However, the piercer did not disappoint me, he made room for me during his lunch break a couple of hours later.

After wandering restlessly around in Skien, waiting for the time to pass by, I decided to come early. That was obviously a good choice, as he had some extra time after being finished with some other customers in a rather short period of time, giving us even better time than we first had expected. Perfect!

He gave me tons of information, we chatted and I signed some papers, showing my ID and prepared myself. He gave me a rather detailed FAQ booklet about piercings and aftercare before I followed him into the room where the actual piercing procedure would be done. In the very clean and sterile, bright room, I laid down on a chair and was told to relax while he cleansed my (already clean) nose and used a pen to mark where he should penetrate my nose with the needle. Asking me to brace myself as it could hurt, he placed the clamps in my nose. Although the clamps did hurt slightly, I remained calm and my thoughts wandered to times when I had been in more intense pain, when breaking my nose, crushing my teeth and so forth. Compared to that, the clamps was nothing but a piece of cake. Getting used to the pressure of the claps, my piercer told me he would do the piercing freehand as my nose allowed him to. I took a deep breath, and then he placed the needle and started pushing it thro ugh. The pain was intense, I could feel the needle penetrating the layers of my nose, feeling as if it would gradually crush my nose. Yet, somehow, the feeling was very precise, only concentrated at my nose, nowhere else. Comparing it to other kinds of physical pain, it wasn't that bad after all, as other kinds of pain often affects other parts of the body too, such as the mind. This pain was something I was willing to go through, I was actually paying for it, so it was different from any other kind of pain I had felt. As expected, I shed a river of tears, not because of the pain, but hitting the tear canal. After the needle had been pushed through, he put in my piercing jewelry, a 2mm CBR (captive bead ring).

I wiped off makeup running down my face due my eyes watering, sat up before I eventually jumped out of the chair and looked myself in the mirror. Everything was perfect about it! I thanked the piercer, talked some more about aftercare and how to avoid it healing crooked, paid him and waked out of the piercing studio with one hot piece of metal in my face.

I would recommend getting a septum piercing done to all you who are wondering whether to get it or not. Pain is individual, but if you really want it, go for it! As it's a fresh piercing, mine is quite sore as of now, but I make sure I cleanse it well and do my best to make it heal like a charm. As a clique this might seem: To me, getting this done have boosted my confidence, and has made me reconsider getting rhinoplasty (plastic surgery, nose) done due hating my nose a whole lot throughout my life. It is like the septum piercing is a piece of my face which was missing, but now has been returned to where it belongs. I'm happy I did it, and I know for sure I will be going back to this particular studio getting more piercings done in the future.


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 23 Sept. 2008
in Nose Piercing

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Studio: Skien+Piercing
Location: Norway

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