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I guess I'll get my nose pierced today

    The day i got my nosed pierced started like any other day. I had no inkling that by 9 pm I'd have a new piercing. I've been modifying on and off for 4 years, and have successfully stretched my lobes, and am starting on my cartilage this fall. I got my belly button done a few years ago and hadn't done anything new since, but its worth saying all my piercings have been done with hollow needles, and there really isn't a reason to ever get pierced with a gun.

I have always wanted my lip pierced and had never really thought of piercing my nose. So as I sat at dinner with my mom, as usual I was trying to explain why I should be allowed to pierce my lip. Surprisingly my mom said she just didn't like that particular piercing, and why couldn't I just pierce my nose or something along those lines. Though I never thought of it, I desperately wanted a new piercing and told her fine, I'll pierce my nose instead. Shocked, but now trapped because she said she was ok with said piercing, we drove to Pincushion around 8 pm to get my nostril pierced.

Like all of my other piercing experiences, I walked in told them what I wanted pierced, selected jewelry, an 18 gauge CBR, they heal better than a stud since you can rotate it through the piercing, filled out the appropriate paperwork, and sat down to wait my turn. I didn't feel at all nervous, if anything I've always felt at home in piercing parlors, and Pincushion is exceptionally good at making you feel welcome and comfortable.

After about 15 minutes I was called back into the piercing room and sat down on the edge of the padded table. The piercer, sorry I forget his name, went through the process of sterilizing everything. He changed gloves three times...which really made me feel safe. he used an iodine solution to clean out my nostril, really not a comfortable thing, having a wet q-tip stuck up your nose, and wiggled around, worse than the piercing for me. He unwrapped the sterile ring and sterile clamps, and soon my left nostril was squeezed in the cold metal, it's not painful just a bit uncomfortable. He had me breathe in deeply and when I exhaled, he pushed the needle through, it felt warm, but really not that bad, just a pinch. He left the needle in for a minute as he grabbed the CBR. I opened my eyes and was amused by the sight of a needle sticking out of my nose. My eye did tear, but I've heard this is due to the link between your nose and your tearducts, not pain. He pulled the needle out inserting the ring as he did so. The ball slipped on easily, and it was over.

The procedure was simple, and for me basically painless, just awkward, apparently I have thin nostrils though. I cleaned it religiously with nothing other than sea salt soaks twice a day. I used one of those plastic cups that come on top of Robitussin bottles. I would fill it with the salty warm water and let it soak for 5 minutes. It worked well and I never had a problem with infection. It took about two months to heal. But i didn't ever notice it hurting or throbbing after the first night. It definitely takes some time to get used to. I caught it on shirts, and when I changed it to a stud it got caught on every imaginable object...blankets, pillows, even my dogs ear when I hugged him

After a year, I've grown to like the piercing though I've come close to taking it out a few times. It does get annoying when you need to blow your nose, especially in the first month or two when its still kind of sensitive. I have changed between a ring and a stud many times, I find that the ring is easier to deal with. The stud gets caught on my boyfriends nose whenever he kisses me, which gets old fast. I also gave myself quite the nose bleed by grabbing my nose, nose stud in, before diving into a pool. I had my stud fall out twice during the night, but I move around a lot when I sleep, so that might just be my fault, not a common problem with nose studs.

If your thinking about getting your nose pierced, go for it, its not painful, so don't go and get all worked up over it. Just make sure that like any other piercing, you take care of it. It would make a great starter piercing, as its small, and very mainstream, especially when it has a stud in it.

I'm turning 18 in 4 weeks and will be getting my lip pierced much to my mothers horror, turns out she hates the nose ring too though....


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 23 Sept. 2008
in Nose Piercing

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