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Bumps no more for my nostril piercing!

I planned to get my nostril pierced for my eighteenth birthday but surprisingly, my mom took me in to get it done a week early. I debated whether or not I wanted a ring, but decided to go for a simple stud after examining my nose in the mirror and deciding it'd look better. My experience was rather simple and anti-climactic, not much to describe. We walked in, no appointment, and told them I'd like my nostril pierced. We signed the papers, paid, and he took me into a back room. But ugh, every time I go to get something pierced or get a shot at the doctor's office, I work myself up and get the idea that it'll hurt really bad. However, after dotting my nose with a marker and making sure the spot was okay, he simply & quickly pushed the needle through and it was done. Kind of. As always, it wasn't nearly as bad as I had imagined. It wasn't bad at all, actually. The needle was sticking straight through my nose and out my nostril, so I laughed and asked if I looked ridiculous as

he collected the jewelry. Yes, I did look ridiculous. Even worse, I seem to be a bleeder. I don't know if everyone's nose bleeds a shitload when they get it pierced, but mine did. My industrial did, too; blood pouring out, having to get wiped up a lot. Hmmmm... Meh. No big deal, it just makes you seem tougher and makes for a good story to scare people. But after that, he just pulled the needle out and put the stud in. And, of course, pushed my nose up with his thumb and worked around with some pliers in there to twist the wire correctly. That part was probably more uncomfortable than the piercing itself. And more ridiculous, having my nose pushed up like a piggy and having someone dig around in there with some tools. :) But I was in and out of there quickly and comfortably!

The next few days and weeks, I couldn't believe how little it hurt. I remember all of my ear piercings being sensitive and sore for weeks, but my nostril barely hurt at all and healed extremely quickly. Ah, it was surprisingly wonderful! However, after about a month, I developed a little bump around the piercing. It was small and white, so I googled it and decided it was just a boil/bacterial pocket. I guess you get them when there's a small tear and microbes enter the wound. I guess maybe it happened when I bumped it in my sleep. After more googling, I read so many different opinions on how to heal it. Of course, one thing was consistent: soaking it in sea salt & warm water. Everything else always differed. I ended up just soaking it once or twice a day, as much as I could handle having my face shoved in a cup of water (Holding a soppy cotton ball to my nose just wasn't as efficient). I'd also clean it with unscented soap and water every morning and try to rotate it when I

could. The bump still wasn't gone after about a month (and I was becoming more self-conscious about it, even though others probably didn't even notice), so I started trying tea tree oil. You can buy the pure stuff at any natural grocery store, maybe even normal grocery stores. I'm not quite sure. Anyways, I'd dip a q-tip in the oil and put a bit of water on it to dilute it a little, then rub it with a q-tip thoroughly around the piercing. Tea tree oil fights bacteria and dries your skin out, but the bump remained yet another month. I continued my attempts and slowly but surely, it disappeared. It's been gone for about a month, and has shown no signs of coming back. Woo! I've also read you can use chamomile tea bags, but I never got around to trying.

I do, however, have to mention one other con... Colds. Runny noses. Boogers... Not fun. The boogers gump up on the jewelry (Nasty, eh? But very true.) and you've gotta be really careful not to snag the jewelry when constantly blowing your nose. Very annoying, I must say. 

Though I did have a couple problems with my nostril piercing, I absolutely love it. It's nothing big and not uncommon, but that doesn't matter. As long as I'm happy with it! Sometimes I'd like to change the jewelry, but I haven't tried yet. I've read you should wait at least six months, so I'm willing to wait a couple more. Plus, I'm scared to try because my sister's nostril hole closed up after only a few hours and she couldn't get anything back in. Yikes. I'd rather be patient! 

I hope my experience story helped!


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on: 23 Sept. 2008
in Nose Piercing

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