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YAY for secret holy noses!

I've always been into piercing, and have always had a list in my head of the piercings I want in my lifetime. My nipples were first, and I was fine with them being my only piercing. There were things I really wanted, and things I would consider if I was bored or ran out of other stuff to pierce. A septum piercing was never, ever on that list, until recently.

I can't explain all the reasons we decide to get pierced. There are some things that serve a purpose like tongue piercings and genital piercings. But, a lot if it is really hard to put into words. It's almost primal, and explaining it to other people is pointless. Either you get it or you don't. My septum is one of those. I didn't know why I had been so fixated on it, but I wanted it. 

The idea of getting my septum pierced had been floating around in my head for the past 4 months or so. The main thing that stopped me is the fact I was unsure of how well I could hide it. I kept putting it off and making excuses about work, and having to explain to my girlfriend. Those reasons prevailed for a long time. Then something happened to remove everything that was stopping me. 

I broke up with my girlfriend and immediately wrecked my motorcycle. Now there's no girlfriend, or work to stop me. I decided to stop down and see my girl Amy at Inner Vision. She had never done any of my piercings (I do my own) but she has pierced my ex girlfriend. She also has promised me an internship as soon as business allows. I would normally just do my own septum, but with a broken collarbone I decided to give Amy some money. 

I kept talking myself out of it until fate stepped in. I went to a roller derby match and guess who is one of the roller girls? Amy. We talked about my piercing and she told me to stop by tomorrow. Well... Now have to. So the next day I head down to inner vision to get my bottom of the list piercing. 

I wanted to get it done at 10 gauge, but unfortunately for me she gave her last retainer to one of her tattoo artists. We settled on 12 and I chatted to one of her artists as I waited for the autoclave. I was shaking the whole drive down and the wait was really nice to settle my nerves. Finally, it was time to get this over with. 

She sat me down and sterilized my nose with a cotton swab. It felt really weird having so much attention focused on my nose. She gave me the talk about the autoclave, and the color changing bags.  She pinched me gently, and marked and re-marked the spot about 4 times. I wanted the piercing as far back as possible, but my nose gets really thick toward the back, and we found a nice sweet spot toward the middle. The clamps went on and weren't exactly comfortable, but I've had worse. Deep breath in, and here comes the needle. 

 The pain was really mild for what I was expecting. My eyes watered as soon as the needle broke skin, but as soon as the clamps came off the pain was virtually gone. The jewelry, a 12-gauge niobium retainer went in with no pain and just a little tug. She asked me if I wanted to look at it before we flipped it up. I had to admit it was weird to see something through my nose. She flipped it up easily and we were done. Then I couldn't see it if I tried. The pain was completely gone by that point. 

$35 was a damn good price considering my arm was in a sling and I couldn't do it myself. I paid her and we sat and talked for another half an hour about roller derby, the shop, guns, tattoos, piercings, and my ex girlfriend (also on the roller derby team). I left satisfied and with a badass piercing. Now I'm just waiting for it to heal so I can start stretching it. Septum piercings look better with a little size to them. I'm thinking it'll probably end up around 8-gauge. Maybe 6, but we'll have to see about that.  

If you're considering not getting one because of the pain, or because you have to hide it then there's no reason not to. It really doesn't hurt, and it's invisible unless you shine a flashlight up your flared nostril. It's one of those piercings that leads a double life, all business during the day, and all party at night. And if you are in the Pittsburgh area then I highly recommend Amy from inner Vision Body Art. I've been to many pierces and she's the best I've ever found.


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 11 Sept. 2008
in Nose Piercing

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Artist: Amy
Studio: Inner+Vision+Body+Art
Location: Sarver+P.A.

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