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Getting my nose pierced. Totaly worth it!

I had always wanted to get some sort of piercing (navel, nose or helix) but I am extremely scared of needles. I admired that my sister had gotten her tongue and her navel pierced and my mom had gotten a helix piercing and her navel done with my sister.

Since I was twelve I thought about piercings a lot. Two years later my mom and I were at a clothing store and while I was in the change room I just asked 'Mom, can I get my nose pierced?' I was thinking about it, and how easy it would be to just ask that simple question but I didn't know my brain would take over and I would actually ask! It was like I could see my moms frozen expression on her face through the solid door. I peeked my head outside and sure enough, her face was frozen. Her immediate response was of course, no. But my mom asked why. That was my little glimmer of hope that I could get it. Even though it's not a very nice thing to do sometimes, I can convince people of anything without having to lie.

About a week later my mom and I had to go into town to get some tractor part thing-a-majig for my dad and we had some time to spare. We had a discussion on the way in about getting the piercing. She finally let me get it done since I had done all the research myself, I was going to pay for it and that I really wanted it since I was afraid of needles.

As we were walking down the street I could see the piercing parlor coming closer, so I stalled my mom for a few minutes by dragging her into the rock style clothing store that's there. As we walked up the stairs I tried to look fine but my stomach was doing flips. When we got there we went and asked a bunch of questions. Since I was allergic to most metals I wanted to make sure they only used surgical implant grade steel, which they did. I only had to wait about five minutes in which I filled out the consent form and had my mom sign it. It took all my strength not to start shaking. I had read that it all depends on how many nerve endings you have where you're getting pierced which is why for some it really hurts and others you can't feel it and I figured with my luck I'd have about a cajillion nerve endings. Megan (the piercer) was really nice and explained everything beforehand. She then put a little purple dot on my nose and asked if that's where I wanted it; it was so she
went out and got the needle and the tool to stop the needle on the other side. The glass wall/window lets you see that everything comes out of the sterilization machine. When she came back in she put on a pair of gloves. She explained how she was actually going to do the piercing and told me to take a deep breath and close my eyes. I was a bit nervous about closing my eyes, I wanted to know when to expect the pain but I did as I was instructed and as soon as I felt the needles end touch my skin I was about to say "STOP!" but before I could even open my mouth she said it was all done, I didn't feel a thing! It didn't sting at all, and I could barley even feel it. She then rubbed a q-tip covered in some creme on it that I must say, smelled a bit funny but oh well, can't complain loll. After that she went over everything again making sure that I was going to clean it daily, not go swimming and NOT to play with it even if it felt fine and not sore. She was very clean and must ha ve washed her hands four or five times between the time I sat down and actually putting the nose screw in.

I am VERY happy with my piercing and I plan to go back really soon to get my helix piercing done and when I'm 16, I'll be getting my navel pierced there too! I would say that getting your nose pierced is a great thing if you're really sure you want it, and if you live in the Okanagan area, I would defiantly recommend Freedom!

Another thing about Freedom is they have a really good tattoo artist, Jordan. If you want a tattoo, you should check out his wart. Even though I don't have any yet I've seen his work and I think it amazing, when I get my tattoo I'll defiantly want to get it done by him!


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 11 Sept. 2008
in Nose Piercing

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Artist: Megan
Studio: Freedom+Body+Art
Location: Vernon+BC+Canada

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