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The tale of my nose piercing

Before I got my nose pierced, my only experience with body mods was getting my ears pierced when I was three. Needless to say, I did not remember much about that experience so I was a bit nervous about the whole thing. At the time I was only 17, and it took a bit of convincing for my parents to let me do it. I basically mentioned that this would be my only body mod, or else if they didn't let me do it I might go crazy when I turned 18 and get a tattoo on my face, so they decided to let me get my nostril pierced as a high school graduation present.

A friend of mine had a good experience getting her eyebrow pierced at WT&BP, so that was where I decided to have it done. After a few "technical difficulties" (remember to bring your photo IDs, kids), I finally showed up to have my piercing done the day after my graduation. As I entered the piercing room, I was highly impressed by the cleanliness of the place. I don't think my dentist office is that sanitary. However, the moment I stepped into the room I began to panic. The girl who was to do the piercing (I don't remember her name) was very sweet about the whole thing though. She just sat with me for a few minutes and chit-chatted until my nerves were calmed.

As she prepared everything needed for the piercing, she walked me through the whole procedure so I knew exactly what was about to happen. By the time she shoved the cork up my nostril and dabbed a little numbing gel on my nose I was feeling very relaxed. I still had to keep my eyes closed for the actual piercing. It hardly hurt though - just a little pain as it went through the skin and pressure for the rest of the way. The worst part was the noise; I could hear it making crackily noises as it went through the cartilage.

Now this is were the story gets interesting. I could tell this girl was relatively new to piercing - she couldn't be more than twenty after all. Also, the owner of the shop kept walking by and peeking into the room. She had issues talking the ball closure (I don't know the technical name of it) off the jewelry, and left the room for a second to get a new piece. She took off her gloves, left the room and went to get a new ring. At this point I still had the needle through my nose and was getting some pretty disgusted looks from a girl getting a tattoo in the other room (quite entertaining actually).

When the piercer returned, she tried to take the closure off the jewelry again. At this point her boss walked by, saw her handling the jewelry without gloves on and began screaming at her. Hearing this guy screaming (I'm really sensitive and I hate it when people argue around me), combined with the fact that blood was starting to stream down my face and the pain was beginning to kick in, made me begin to panic. I had trouble breathing and was beginning to feel dizzy. Thankfully my piercer noticed this and made me put my head between my knees while the owner went to get me a glass of water.

The owner then helped her prepare the jewelry, which she attempted to stick through my nose. Of course, it had been about ten minutes since the needle was taken out, and in that time the piercing had healed a bit (damn me and my healthy immune system). She had to stick the needle through the piercing again. Let me tell you, a needle going through raw tissue = extreme pain. By the time the jewelry was finally in my nose I was ready to book it out of there. I went out to the car where my mom was waiting (she didn't want to sit through that - thankfully) and cried like a newborn baby.

A few weeks later my nose was feeling much better (actually it was only really sore for about 12 hours after the piercing) and I was ready to get some real jewelry put in. I went back to WT&BP to have them take out my old jewelry and put in a new stud. As luck would have it, my piercer was the one to change the jewelry. As we walked back into the piercing room, she said over and over how sorry she was and that should felt so guilty about what I went through. I didn't blame her at all - all piercers have to start somewhere and it's not like she did any permanent damage.

So that was my nose piercing experience. I had my nose ring for almost five years before I had to take it out to start my job. I'd have it redone in a heart beat though, in spite of my less than ideal first experience.


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on: 01 Sept. 2008
in Nose Piercing

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